Monday, September 26, 2016

Craig Johnson at The Poisoned Pen!

It's a rare day when Craig Johnson is in town on one of Denis's days off. It was one of those rare days last Wednesday, so we both got gussied up and headed on over to our favorite bookstore, The Poisoned Pen. We knew we had to get there early because the place is always packed for him, but even though we were more than two hours early, several people had gotten there ahead of us. Denis and I didn't get our usual seats, but I think the ones we did get were better. Well, Denis may disagree, but more on that at the end!

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With more people coming in by the minute, there was no way I could settle down to read my book, so I chatted instead. One woman I talked with had been made a character in Craig's book A Serpent's Tooth. (Eleanor Tisdale for those insatiably curious amongst you.) Denis had found his own group to chat with. 

Host Barbara Peters came in early, leaving Craig in the backroom to sign towering piles of books. As she told us, "What we do out here in the bookstore is only the tip of the iceberg. We ship books all over the world." While Craig signed and signed and signed and... Barbara filled us in on the events that are coming up during the month of October. I'd already seen the lineup on the website, and it looks as though I'll be back to making regular trips to The Poisoned Pen! 

One of the events will be held in a tent out in the parking lot. It's a party for The Poisoned Pen's own Patrick Millikin and his anthology The Highway Kind. You won't believe the authors who'll be there to sign the book!

L to R: Barbara Peters, Craig Johnson

There was quite a crowd when Craig finally put down his pen and joined us, and as you can see by the photo above-- stretched out legs and feet crossed at the ankles-- everyone got comfortable and sat back to soak up every syllable the man spoke. Craig Johnson is a born storyteller, and when you walk up to him to have him sign a book, he's more than happy to talk with you as long as you'd like. The man never seems to run out of steam.

As I sat there, I made a decision. For once, I was going to sit and enjoy every syllable Craig spoke, too. I wasn't going to have my head down scribbling away and consequently not soaking up every little tidbit. So I didn't. Instead I'm sharing with you the Livestream video of the event so you can get every bit of it for yourself.

Want to know how Craig decided to include an MRAP and an orange Plymouth Challenger in An Obvious Fact? Watch the video. Want to know which people Craig's characters are based on? Watch the video. Want to know what Craig's next book is about? Watch the video because there is so much more.

It's the next best thing to being with me at The Poisoned Pen!

(Don't tell anyone, but you'll also be able to see Denis taking pictures....)


  1. OK, how could you not have a great time at the PP with Craig Johnson there, Cathy? It sounds like it was a terrific visit, and I'm glad you shared it.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I have seen him in person twice and you are so right, he's a great storyteller and so kind to all the fans!

    1. I think he's my favorite author to see, and that's saying something because I've been fortunate to see some wonderful writers.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the video link. Sounds like an evening of fun.

    By the way, thanks for the write-up of See Also Deception by Larry Sweazy. I enjoyed this book a lot, and the feisty, smart and determined Marjorie Tremaine. What a contrast she is to so many muddled, fearful women in peril in current psychological suspense books.

    I was saddened by the ending and wonder if Sweazy will write more about her.

    1. According to his website, he has a standalone thriller coming out in January, and See Also Deadline coming out in April. Good news!

  4. Well, I just read at Sweazy's blog that there will be another book featuring Marjorie Tremaine, but set in New York City! That's not new to me, but I'll read it anyway as she is a terrific character.


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