Friday, May 06, 2016

The Looking for Volunteers Weekly Link Round-Up

I can't believe that it's just about time for me to start getting Casa Kittling ready for a British Invasion. (Our niece-- great-niece?-- is coming over from England for two weeks.) Where does the time go?!? Denis and I will be taking her out and about to places like the Sky Walk at Grand Canyon West, down the Diamond Creek trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, to Oatman to (hopefully) feed the wild burros, and I'd love to get her over to Monument Valley and up to the White Mountains where it will be cooler. I'll need some luck with booking rooms, though!

One of the things I must do is some work out in the garden. I've been pushing my luck with the temperatures as it is. That rain we got not too long ago has made things go ballistic, so I have to sharpen up my pruning sheers. Could I get a volunteer from the studio audience?

Speaking of growing things, I'll leave you with another cactus flower from the Desert Botanical Garden while I mosey out to the corral to round up all those links I've been saving....


►Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits◄
  • The lost Neruda works can now be found in Then Come Back
  • Nevada Barr talks about the beauty of our national parks.
  • George R.R. Martin has an idea for a spin-off of Game of Thrones
  • You know how I've dipped my toe into the world of critiquing book cover design? Well, one of my readers found the Caustic Cover Critic blog. Thanks, Reta! 
  • If Jane Eyre were published today, would it be marketed as genre fiction? 
  • The Martian author's next novel is a crime story set on the moon.
  • Yikes! I know he's tasty, but... A scarf worn by Outlander's Sam Heughan sold at a charity auction for £10,000!
  • Here's what a Pulitzer Prize does for a book's Amazon sales rank. 

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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a great weekend, and read something fabulous!


  1. Sorry I can't volunteer, Cathy; I have a brown thumb! That 'photo is gorgeous, by the way. And I'm glad you mentioned that mosaic; I read about that earlier this week and just loved the sentiment!

    1. I didn't realize that the sentiment had been around for so long!

  2. What a wonderful visit your niece (or great-niece) will have. I hope you take her to the Desert Botanical Garden which I wish was a hop, skip and a jump from my house.

    Lots of interesting links as always. It is quite a step forward that Harriet Tubman's likeness will be put on the $20 bill and that Andrew Jackson, who led murderous raids against Native Americans, will be taken off it.

    Tuban was called "General Tubman" by some abolitionists during the Civil War due to her leadership and military skills.

    Also, little known but should be known, enslaved peoples built the U.S. White House, Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.

    Will return to read more links.

    1. Daisy has said that she wants to visit the Desert Botanical Garden, so naturally we will go. I have a feeling that my photos may have had something to do with her interest.


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