Monday, November 17, 2014

What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

You're a Reluctant Sleeper


You are a naturally energetic person, and you sometimes have trouble calming down enough to fall asleep. You tend to be in high gear, and it takes you a while to calm down. You are often too wired to sleep.

You may have trouble sleeping some nights, but luckily you don't need much sleep to function. And you are good at power napping. To sleep a little better, practice some relaxation at night. You may be sleepier than you realize most nights! 

What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

[I am a horrible power napper, and I'm not always in high gear!] 


  1. Me, three. But I can't power nap. I'm not good at surviving without a decent amount of sleep. I checked off that I get cranky. When I wake has nothing to do with their answers. I have a lot of trouble sleeping even at the most exhausted times.

    1. My mother could power nap. Just sit down in her chair, say "I'm going to take a nap for about ten minutes," sleep for ten minutes, and then be up and at 'em again. I wish I had inherited that gene!!!!


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