Monday, September 22, 2014

The Summer Road Trip Test

You Are Low Key


For you, vacation is all about having a great time without a lot of effort or planning. You prefer to spend as much time as you can in a nice spot, focusing on nature, family, friends, and maybe even a little reading.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to want to get away to unplug. A trip is a chance to live a bit more simply. That's not to say you won't do anything on your vacation. You're happy to participate in almost any activity, as long as it's not too much fuss! 



  1. I am cosmopolitan!

    You love to wander this big earth, but nothing makes you feel more alive than spending time in a big city.
    You like to be intellectually, artistically, and culinarily challenged. You need lots of activities to keep you entertained.

    You don't just like to experience, you also like to think. You love diving into a city's history and culture.
    You see the world as dynamic and ever changing. Even though you want to see it all, you could visit the same city many times and never get bored.

    1. Could be I'm low key because I already live in a huge metro area, and it's just so... wonderful... to get away from it for a while!

  2. I'm low-key, too. I loved to go to Maine and hike, read and eat homemade apple pie on a mountain, while reading. Or sit on a dock and eat fresh lobster. I look for mountains and lakes, i.e., relaxing places.

    I do like city life. I like in a big one. But if I were to visit Paris, I'd be happy to go to museums, bookstores, famous historic sites and restaurants. But I'd also like to drive around the countryside in southern France along the narrow roads among the tall trees, dropping in at inns for meals and walking through towns.


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