Monday, July 28, 2014

What Decade Are You a Child Of?

You Are a Child of the 1960s


The world has changed a lot since the innocent days of your childhood, and you're still getting used to it. You remain idealistic, upbeat, and happy. Things may not be as simple as they once were, but you try not to make them too complicated.

You are easily pleased, and you don't need many material possessions to be content. You love good company and a home cooked meal. You value real connections and true friendships. You believe that the most meaningful interactions still happen face-to-face. 



  1. Yes. I am a child of the 1960s. True. Most of the description is appropriate.
    But not all of them: When asking about my favorite childhood snacks, left off the list was all of the candy in those days from Three Musketeers to Mars bars, Good and Plenty, nonpareils, Necco wafers, etc. Plus Hostess cupcakes and Snowballs, etc.

    And left out of what I liked to do with my friends, there wasn't an option to conversations or just hanging out and having fun or going to the movies or talking on the phone (a big one in junior high and high school. My father would say to me that I just saw the friends yesterday and would see them tomorrow, what could we possibly say to each other.

    So, while this description is OK, a lot of things were left out of the answers.

    1. I feel the same way for almost exactly the same reasons, Kathy, but it would be impossible to devise a quiz that had all the right responses for everyone, wouldn't it? Just thinking about the attempt gives me a headache!

  2. Yes, but leaving chocolate and other candy out of the list? Sacrilege to most women.
    And hanging out and talking -- those days were pre-computer, texting, Iphones, Twitter, Facebook. We had to call or visit each other. So much of that personal contact is lacking today. But we sure loved to do it -- and it was free to do that. And in those days, who had money anyway?


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