Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Sling a Little Paint Weekly Link Round-Up

It's been very quiet here at Casa Kittling. We've had some repairs done to the outside of the house, and soon it will be the painters' turn to complete the prettification. I'm looking forward to showing you Before and After photos at the end of the month. In the mean time, I have some pruning to do in preparation, but I won't pick up the hedge clippers until I've rounded up some links!

Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits
  • How about listening to some parody songs by librarians?
  • Landlords have locked owners out of their historic black bookstore in San Francisco.
  • Why we lie about our favorite books... unless you possess a broken rememberer like me and avoid lying!
  • Your beach book doesn't have to be a light read. (Come on, people! Take charge! Grab control! Take responsibility! You can read whatever you want to read!)
  • Amazon is now delivering books on Sundays in select cities throughout the US.
  • The Navy will be giving preloaded eReaders to sailors.
  • In Stanton, Iowa, a human chain of over 400 passes books from the old library to the new.
  • Why you should avoid best-selling books.
  • There's lots of speculation about children and teens not reading as much as they should, and there's lots of finger pointing and blame laying. It's the fault of all these eReaders! It's the fault of all these other gadgets! NPR has one take on it. Jordan Shapiro believes the problem is rooted in a much more human factor, and reading his article made me think of a poem I've remembered since reading it in high school.
  • The lifecycle of a book in translation. 
  •  Why did America drop the "U" in British spellings?
  • The British are remaking Poldark, and Robin Ellis (the original Ross Poldark) has a part in it. Ellis talks about the first day of filming and shares photos on his blog.
  • Saving bookstores the old-fashioned way.
  • Open Road Media has launched a Spanish language eBook imprint.
  • Damian Lewis is set to star as Henry VIII in the BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's novels (Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies).
  • What happens when you make up a Holocaust memoir? You have to pay back $22.5 million, that's what.
  • Larry McMurtry talks about the lost booksellers of New York.

Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones
Art, Archaeology, History, a little Science & a Dab of Nature...
  • Spanish tax collectors have discovered a lost Van Gogh painting in a safety deposit box. You can see a photo of the painting in the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.
  • A recent Stonehenge discovery blows the lid off old theories about the builders of ancient monuments.
  • What a fantastic idea! Solar Roadways wants $1 million to turn US roads into an energy farm. Power companies and their greedy, short-sighted shareholders need to pull their heads out of their quarterly statements and see that the potential for profit is vast if they start thinking about tomorrow instead of focusing only on today.
  • Heartbreaking letters from a World War I soldier to his fiancee just months before he died on the Somme.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy's newly discovered personal letters reveal 14 years of secrets.
  • A new meteor shower from a comet could dazzle stargazers next week.
  • An archaeologist claims that he's found the wreck of the Santa Maria.
  • A ship taken by slaves 152 years ago has been found off the coast of South Carolina.

I  ♥  Lists

Book Candy
  • I never tire of looking at photos of the most spectacular libraries in the world.
  • Elegant and imaginative photographs of meals from famous literature.
  • I couldn't resist sharing this photo of a funky, eclectic library in someone's home.
  • Don't miss this slideshow of an incredible handmade book created by a bird watcher.
  • This incredibly talented woodworker built his brother a fabulous library. You've got to see it! (Don't forget to click on the photos so you'll see them full size. Oh-- and put on a bib first. You will drool!)

Wow, that was a boatload of links! I hope I found one or two that tickled your fancy. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure. Have a great weekend!


  1. Cathy - Glad to hear that all's quiet on the Kittling front. I hope your renovations go well. Now, to check out those lovely links. I have this great mental picture of a human chain for moving books. Inspired!

    1. That particular link of the human book-moving chain put a huge smile on my face, Margot!

  2. As always, I really like the links, especially about books, bookcases, writers and lists.

    But how are the birds doing at Casa Kittling, especially the families? Last we heard, the parents were frantically looking for food for their young, and you and Denis were putting out food as fast as you could.

    1. Nothing's changed on the avian front, Kathy. Still many, many babies insisting on being fed, and Denis and I try to help out the parents as much as we can. :-)

  3. Thanks for another good batch of links - I always learn something here!

    Your entry about the use of "U" in spelling reminded me of one of Jasper Fforde's books (in the Thursday Next series, though I don't remember which one, save that it was not The Eyre Affair). His explanation for the reason was much more fun!

    1. Kate, I thought of Fforde and Thursday Next, too, and for the exact same reason-- his explanation was a lot more fun!


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