Monday, April 21, 2014

The Comfort Test

You Find Stories Comforting


You love to dream, imagine, and escape into a beautiful story. There's nothing like leaving the real world for a while. Books are the ultimate relaxation for you, but you can also be drawn into the right movie, TV series, or even song.

For you, there's no better experience than finding a book you love, especially if you connect with the characters. You can lose all sense of time in a story, and at the end of it all, you have a new perspective on the world! 



  1. I find companionship comforting:

    You love having someone to pass the time with, and it doesn't have to be a human.
    You aren't necessarily the most outgoing person around, but it's nice to have someone next to you, not saying a thing.

    You value love and affection - especially after you have been out in the hard, cold world.
    There's nothing better than coming home to be with someone who loves you for you... and is so excited that you've arrived.

    1. I think my own answer of stories reflects my background of being an only child with a single parent who worked. I grew up spending time on my own and living in my imagination.


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