Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spine Haiku: Nature or Blackmail?

Not that I'm slow on the uptake or anything, but it just dawned on me today that another reason my spine haiku are good to share is that you also get to see some of the crime fiction sitting on my to-be-read shelves.

I have two spine haiku to share with you today. One has a strong hint of the natural world, as many haiku do, but the second seems to contain just a bit of... blackmail. You'll see what I mean!


Endymion Spring
The Scent of Rain and Lightning
Water Touching Stone


Ordinary Grace.
Sins of a Shaker Summer...
Does Your Mother Know?

So... which do you prefer? Nature or blackmail? Inquiring poets would love to know!


  1. How to choose? They're both good, the second one is funny.

    But what is an Endymion Spring? This inquiring minds want to know.

    Good reading ahead.

    1. Here's the definition of Endymion: "A remarkably beautiful young man, loved by the Moon (Selene). According to one story, he was put in an eternal sleep by Zeus for having fallen in love with Hera, and was then visited every night by Selene."

      My interpretation of Endymion Spring would be a beautiful, restful spring filled with moonlit nights.

  2. I prefer the first one (though that may be due to the presence of an Eliot Pattison title!).

    1. Eliot Pattison is wonderful, isn't he? I think I prefer the first because it's closer to what most of us think of as being a haiku.


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