Monday, January 20, 2014

The Smokey Eye Test

Your Drama Style is Passionate


You are usually a bit too independent and a bit too self-focused to get caught up in dramatics. However, you do have a stubborn streak. You will abandon your gentle ways and fight tooth and nail for what you believe in.

You are idealistic and future-focused. You have an idea of how things should be, and you don't give up your vision. You are generally content to live and let live. However, when others violate your principals, you don't stay quiet. 



  1. I am undramatic.
    You don't have a dramatic bone in your body, and honestly, you just don't get drama queens.
    You prefer to live a life that's calm and carefree. Yes, bad things happen, but it's not worth getting worked up about them.

    When things get crazy in life, you don't get worked up - you get curious. You are ready to investigate and solve problems.
    Although you don't believe in drama, it doesn't mean you're not fun. You'll break the rules when the time is right!

    1. Sounds to me that I should've been undramatic, too!


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