Monday, November 11, 2013

What Type of Kid Were You?

You Were an Intuitive Kid


As a kid, your power element was water. You were a very balanced and intuitive kid. You were probably always more emotionally mature than the children around you. You may have found it easier to relate to adults than most kids.

And while it may have been hard for you to relate to the kids around you, it's likely you had a very close friend or two.
Deep connections were important to you from an early age, and you were the type most able to form a 'BFF' bond with someone.

As a kid, you saw things in the abstract. You did best when you were able to daydream, play, create, and engage your imagination. You probably found it challenging to sit still in a structure classroom. You may not have made trouble, but your mind was likely elsewhere. 

What Type of Kid Were You?

I usually had a library book hidden in back of my textbook and was reading it with one ear tuned to the teacher! I'm an only child raised by my mother when my father died. As I was growing up, I spent a lot of time around adults, and I found it difficult to make friends-- although I did have two different "BFFs" through school. With that sort of history, I would think it unusual if I hadn't been emotionally mature.


  1. I was a "sensing" kid, whatever that means. I loved to read, but I loved also to hang out with my friends outside, at school recess, after school, etc.
    I was not perfect, and I did not have to be in control, nor did I get upset if schedules changed. I went with the flow pretty much, but read, played games, hung out with my sister or friends.
    I do not like to do nothing, and never lie around idly thinking. I always pick up a book or turn on the TV or the computer.

  2. Like the other Kathy, I was a sensing kid:

    As a kid, your power element was earth. And you were a lot more down to earth than the other kids around you.
    It's likely that your parents say that you were the easiest kid to raise. All it took were some crayons or a book to keep you happy.

    You loved to play, especially if you were outdoors. And when you were inside, you like to be busy doing something.
    You were well-adjusted and engaged with the world around you. You found so many things to love and be curious about.

    While you were the perfect kid, any problems you had may have stemmed from being too perfect. You liked to be in control.
    It was hard for you to let go of schedules and organization. If things didn't go the way they were supposed to, it disturbed you greatly!

  3. Three K/Cathys have responded. Two are Sensing, one is Intuitive. I'm used to being odd one out! LOL


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