Monday, November 04, 2013

The Abstract Eye Test

You Are Tenderhearted


You are an extremely empathetic person. You immediately can see yourself in someone else's position. You have compassion for those around you, and it doesn't stop at people. You have a big heart for animals and nature.

You see the world from a highly sensitive, emotional point of view. You feel first and think second. Even if you disagree with people's choices and actions, you can see how they came to make them.

The world sees you as sweet, vulnerable, and breakable. They don't understand your strength. You may be caring, but you aren't a pushover. You understand that empathizing is sometimes all you can do. 

The Abstract Eye Test

Like most of these test results (for me anyway), this one holds kernels of truth and kernels of nonsense. I took speech class in high school because I knew I'd be giving a couple of speeches, and I wanted to be prepared. I was awful at the debate portion because I could see the opposing point of view and didn't see the sense in trying to force them to understand mine. However, I don't always feel the world first. I tend to be quite calm and logical. AND I'm also not seen as sweet, vulnerable and breakable! Most people see me as tough, skeptical and intimidating! 

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