Monday, October 28, 2013

What's Your Sense of Humor Like?

You Use Bonding Humor


You love to lighten the mood with a silly or good-natured joke. You always are making people smile. In your group of friends, you are most certainly known as the funny one. People miss you when you aren't there to make them laugh.

You tell a good story, and you know how to find the lighter side of life. You like to remind your friends of good times you have shared. You prefer to use humor to highlight similarities - not differences. You like it when everyone can laugh about the same thing.

Those who don't know you may be intimidated by the fun bond your group of friends has. But new people are more than welcome to join in the fun! You would naturally do well as a leader. You know how to keep a group happy and together, even in the worst of times. 


  1. I use Self-Deprecating Humor:

    You have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to making fun of yourself.
    You don't' take yourself seriously, and you'd be the first to humorously point out your flaws. You're okay with not being perfect.

    Some may think that you don't have a high self-esteem, but the reverse is probably true. You simply like to set people at ease.
    By showing others that you can laugh at yourself, you seem more accessible and friendly. You never cross the line into beating yourself up.

    Your humor style is perfect for stand-up comedy. And it's likely that you've at least dreamed of getting up on stage.
    Even if you don't pursue a comedic career, you have the right blend of charm and humility to get far in any social career.

  2. I use Wry Humor:

    You're the kind of person who can't help but notice (and point out!) how absurd life is. You find the smallest things funny.
    Your humor entertains others, but you mostly employ it to entertain yourself. You can't stay bored or anxious for long with your outlook.

    Your humor isn't really dark or light - it's just very smart and witty. Your humor spans the spectrum and tends to be whatever is appropriate for the moment and subject.
    You don't mind pushing boundaries and shocking people a bit with what you say. And chances are, you're just saying what everyone else is thinking.

    You would make a great writer - either fiction or nonfiction. Your observations about life would keep everyone entertained.
    You have a strong voice... one that is witty, unique, and certainly funny. You should take care to make it be heard as much as possible.

  3. Wow... we're just all kinds of funny! :-D


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