Monday, October 07, 2013

What's Your Personality Color?

You Are Red


You live in the here and now. Whatever is in front of your face is the most important thing to you.

You have a zest for life, and your senses are more in touch than most people's. You love to taste, hear, smell, feel, and see.

In love, you may seem a bit mysterious and aloof. And that's not because you don't feel passionately. You love intensely, but you are protective of your own freedom. You need someone as secure and independent as you are.

At work, you like to be control of what you're doing and the output that you're producing. You like to see results.
You prefer to work alone. You give your work your all, and you like to proud of something you've created all by yourself. 

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  1. I am blue:

    You are a natural caretaker. You can't help but nurture those around you, even those who may not 'deserve' it.
    You are a warm and compassionate person. You think that our society should be more welcoming, inclusive, and helpful.

    In love, you give it your all. Relationships are your priority, and you will fight for any relationship you're in.
    You just prefer being in a couple. You like companionship and commitment.... it makes you depressed to be single.

    At work, you do best in one-on-one situations, especially where you can be a mentor, teacher, or guide.
    You like to work with people to help them realize their potential. Even in your career, you prefer to be taking care of others.


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