Friday, October 11, 2013

The Think Fall Weekly Link Round-Up

It seems as though Phoenix made the transition from summer to fall in the blink of an eye, due to a storm front that blew through. From triple-digit temperatures (41°C) to ones in the 70s (24°C) is quite a change, and I have to admit that I enjoy not having the air conditioner running.

Speaking of expensive things, Casa Kittling has insisted that a bit of money be thrown its way. Our evaporative cooler has been showing signs of wear, tear, and rust, so Denis ordered a new stainless steel "wet section" that should last for years. There went over $600. Then the pump to the hard-working pool filter  bit the dust. Denis chose a variable speed pump that will save us between $20 and $30 per month. Kiss more than $900 good-bye. That new pump is so quiet, though! I couldn't believe how quiet it was at full speed, but I went outside last night when it was running on low speed, and I couldn't hear it at all. This is going to take some getting used to!

Bookish News & Other Interesting Stuff
  • Scientists have planted seeds from an ancient jar unearthed by archaeologists, and now an extinct tree is growing.
  • Dwarf foxes have been saved from extinction.
  • A possible Leonardo da Vinci artwork has been discovered in a Swiss vault.
  • What do your bookshelves say about your personality? (Mine speak the truth. I'm "the librarian.")
  • This 25-year-old hasn't owned a cell phone in four years and loves it. (Don't ask his friends what they think, though....)
  • eBooks are changing reading habits. (Gizmos tend to do a good job of fragmenting things.)
  • In the category of one thing leading to another, I fell in love with this miniature camper, which led to this indoor vintage camper hostel in Germany, which reminded me of the Shady Dell in Bisbee, whose vintage campers are outdoors.
  • One author voices her concern over the selling of galleys (AKA advance reader copies).
  • How publishing escaped the cruel fate of other culture industries.
  • McDonald's will distribute 20 million books in a Happy Meal promotion. The company will also be working with Reading Is Fundamental for even more bookish goodness for children.
  • Facebook is removing the option to be unsearchable by name.
  • Kate Spade New York launches book-inspired accessories for Fall 2013.
  • Queen Elizabeth II voiced concern for children losing interest in traditional paper books.

I  ♥  Lists
  • Ten things you need to know about Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro.
  • Top 10 books about Paris.

Book Candy

That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - Isn't that always the way with houses? They always seem to need something done to them... Thanks as ever for the links. Hmmmm...not sure I want to listen to what my bookshelves say about me... ;-)

    1. My shelves were kind to me, perhaps yours will be, too! :-)


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