Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spirit of Steamboat Giveaway!

I went to The Poisoned Pen Saturday to see one of my favorite authors, Craig Johnson, hear him talk about his novella Spirit of Steamboat, and to get two copies autographed.

Craig Johnson has long been a fixture on my Keeper shelf, so one of those copies is for me. The good news is that the second copy I had autographed is for one of you! Are you feeling lucky?

You all know that I don't have giveaways very often, but I thought this would be a great way to show my appreciation to all of you. Life isn't always neat and tidy, but hopefully my rules for entering this giveaway are. Here we go:


Craig holding Spirit of Steamboat
  1. Doesn't matter where you live, you can win a copy of this book. My giveaways are always worldwide.
  2. To enter, go to the very top of my blog header. See that tab that says CONTACT? Click on the CONTACT tab, and send me an email.
  3. The subject line of the email must read "Spirit of Steamboat Giveaway."
  4. All you have to type in the body of the email is your email address and your mailing address. (You could whisper a few sweet nothings in my ear, too, but those are not required!)
  5. Click SEND.
That's it!

The deadline for receiving your entries is Monday, November 11, and as soon as Denis picks the winner out of his cowboy hat (what else?), that person will be contacted, and the autographed Spirit of Steamboat will be on its way!

Don't forget: you have until Monday, November 11 to use that contact form at the top of my blog header to send me an email with (1) Spirit of Steamboat Giveaway in the subject line, (2) your email address, and (3) your mailing address.

One word of warning: If your email does not contain all three of those items, you will not be eligible for the drawing. Good luck to everyone!


Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I really appreciate it!