Monday, September 16, 2013

What California Pizza Are You?

You Are a White Pizza


You are a calm and easygoing person. You live a well organized and almost chaos free life. You are a very positive person. You are content with your life as is, and you feel like you have a lot.

You have simple tastes, and you tend to notice quality above all else. You appreciate a job done right. You are not picky or judgmental though. You have your preferences, but there is nothing snobby about you.

You take your commitments and responsibilities seriously. You always follow through on your promises. Of all the types, you are the most accepting. You see everyone as on their own paths, and you're good with that. 

What California Pizza Are You?

[Now I need to google "white pizza"!]



  1. I am a Japanese eggplant pizza:

    You are an easygoing and compassionate person. In general, you have no problem putting others first.
    You are adventurous, but your sense of adventure is never impulsive. You are good at delaying gratification.

    You are an idealist and a visionary. You can't help but have an idea of what you'd like the world to be like.
    You are future oriented and progressive. Since we can't change the past, you prefer to look ahead.

    You are very open with people about your ideas, past, and opinions. You are proud of who you are - flaws and all.
    Of all the types, you are the most one of a kind. People wish they had the guts to be as original and fearless as you are.

    1. One thing's for sure-- I'm learning about all sorts of new pizzas! LOL

  2. Actually I'm a NY thin crust pizza, but according to this I'm a Thai Chicken Pizza:

    You are very open to the world. You live for doing new things!
    You are a bit of a pleasure seeker. You have trouble turning down good food and drink.

    You are a total flirt. You enjoy attracting attention, and your charms have been known to get you in trouble.
    You are physically affectionate and warm hearted. To know you is to love you - and you have a lot of love to give in return.

    You really enjoy life and all of its experiences. You'll always try exotic and different over tried and true.
    Of all the types, you are the most likely to be considered a foodie. You love experimenting with new dishes and combinations.

  3. So, I'm something I never heard of: a Japanese eggplant pizza.

    The description is about 2/3 right, 1/3 off the mark.

    I wish I knew what this pizza was, and I agree. I've never heard of most of these pizzas, but I prefer the thin-crusted tasty pizzas at John's on Bleecker Street. Call me crazy, but traditional pizza is fine with me.

    1. You're not crazy because traditional is fine with me, too. Or... are we both crazy? :o)

  4. I too am a Japanese eggplant pizza.

    1. I am definitely going to have to check out this Japanese eggplant pizza!


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