Monday, August 05, 2013

What's Your Music Personality?

Your Music Personality is Upbeat and Conventional


You love music that is easy to listen to. You like a catchy melody and a few good hooks. The types of music you tend to gravitate toward are top 40, pop, oldies, country, and soundtracks. You don't have to look far to find music you enjoy.

Of all the types, you are the most agreeable. What makes others happy tends to make you happy as well.
You are also the least open to new things. You tend to have plenty of things you like, so you don't seek out novelty.

It's likely that you are quite content with yourself and your life. You are confident in who you are. You are social and easygoing. You like to be a part of a group, and you value harmony. 


  1. My music personality is intense and rebellious! lol

    You love music that is outside the mainstream in one way or another. You're not big on mainstream fare.
    The types of music you tend to gravitate toward are metal, rock, alternative, ska, reggae, rap, or punk. You're musical loves are more subcultural than mainstream.

    Of all the types, you are one of the most open to new experiences. You think life is all about adventure.
    You are also one of the least agreeable. You don't go along with the crowd unless it suits you.

    It's likely that you consider yourself dominant and proactive. You don't just sit by and let things happen.
    You value freedom, and you don't like to live a life with too many rules. You need independence and autonomy.

  2. Mine is Reflective and Complex:

    You love music that has many layers to it. You have sophisticated taste.
    The types of music you tend to gravitate toward are jazz, blues, folk, new age, lounge, world, and or classical. You like music that others find hard to get into.

    Of all the types, you are the most emotionally stable. You aren't easily phased and bothered.
    You are also one of the least extroverted. You are content in your own little world... with your music.

    It's likely that you consider yourself open-minded and even more socially liberal than average.
    You have high verbal skills and many would call you intelligent. You are less athletic and more artistic than the average person.

    1. Whoever wrote this quiz obviously has never seen you on a lawnmower, Barbara! ;-)

    2. You don't think I look sophisticated on my mower with my silly hat and surgical mask and my old, tattered work clothes? Well, actually I'll admit that sophisticated isn't exactly the word that comes to mind at such a sight.

    3. Actually I was thinking about that "athletic and artistic" bit that the quiz informs us you do not resemble. How much more athletic and artistic can you be wearing that fetching ensemble while beating the grass into submission???

  3. Mine is the same as Barbara's.

    I'd say much of this description is true, escept for the "new age, lounge and world" music.

    I also do like to go to parties sometimes and hear popular music and watch friends dance.

    1. Mine fits me with a few exceptions. I love classical music, I'm not social, and I tend to be a loner. :-)


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