Monday, August 26, 2013

The Beach Postcard Test

Your Ideal Beach Vacation Is Cozy


Your idea of a day at the beach is one that feels as natural and as homey as possible.
You dream of living at the beach, and even if you can't live there permanently, you'd like to be there a while.

Your dream beach getaway would place you right on the beach with your own private quarters. You'd love to wake up to a beach sunrise and wind down with a beach sunset. And listen to the ocean crashing as you sleep.

For you, the beach is a place to get warm and sleepy. Once you get comfortable, you never want to leave. More than any type, you belong on the coast permanently. If it isn't already, then it should be your home. 


  1. Mine is romantic:

    Your idea of a day at the beach would absolutely have to include your sweetheart. You think a beach was made for two.
    You think that so much of the beach should be shared - lounging around, splashing in the water, watching the sun set.

    Your dream beach getaway would be focused on you and your sweetie - you'd like to make special memories and grow closer.
    You'd like to stay at the most romantic beach possible, in a hotel that was focused on pampering and giving you privacy.

    To you, the beach means romance, love, and infinity. You think it's the most sentimental spot on the planet.
    More than any other type, you appreciate the unique, picturesque beauty of the beach. And you can't stop staring at it!

    That's me - pampering at a hotel and Dave by my side. :)

  2. Actually, my day at the beach is a day sitting by a lake under a tree among mountains. I don't like heat nor sun any more.

    I like shade and lake shores in a beautiful setting, not hot.

    I get hot even looking at photos of beaches and sunlight.

    The things that happen as we age -- who knew! Certainly not I, a teenager who sat at Jones Beach on the Atlantic Ocean for 9 hours, no umbrella, no sun screen. Not a good thing, but, hey, we were crazy from age 13-18. I got horrendous sunburns, was sick for days and would peel. But next week we'd do it again!

    And we didn't know about skin cancer then.

    So give me a shady tree on a lake or a creek or river and I'd be happy.

    1. I got some horrendous sunburns when I was young, too, Kathy. I still remember the pain!


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