Monday, July 08, 2013

What's Your Birth Color?

Your Birth Color is Indigo


More than anything else, you are wise. You are prudent and discerning. You prefer to withhold judgment whenever possible, but when you do have to judge someone or something, you do so accurately.

You are quite emotionally and intellectually mature. And it's likely that your maturity came at an early age.
Despite your precociousness, you are likely to have a long, healthy, and prosperous life. You will master many subjects.

Above all else, you are a truth seeker. Your truth seeking has set you on a bit of a spiritual journey. You want to experience so much in this world, but you are more than a tourist. You are a traveler who brings dignity to the process. 


  1. My birth color is red:

    Above all else, you have a huge amount of energy. You just require less downtime and rest than most people.
    You have courage when others lack guts. You are willing to take a risk, especially when you might get all the glory at the end.

    You are passionate in all aspects of your life, especially romance. When you find the perfect partner, you don't let anything stand in your way.
    You have plenty of passion in love, but you lack extreme infatuation. You seek a more mature, deep love than just a crush or fling offers.

    You have a lot of inner strength, and that strength is sparked by your drive. You are extremely ambitious.
    You are willing to work hard and be tenacious today in order to harvest the fruits of your labor tomorrow.

  2. Mine is violet:

    Above all else, you are a very intuitive person. You sense what is going on before others do.
    You don't know why you know what you do. Ideas and thoughts just come to you, often in dreams or while relaxing.

    You are highly imaginative and flexible. You believe in possibilities - not in limitations.
    You inspire those around you to follow their own paths and reach their destinies.

    You are a naturally elegant person with great taste. You love the arts, especially music.
    You find delight and even magic in luxury. You're especially fond of older objects which are high quality.

  3. Wow-- quite an assortment this week! :-D

  4. Thanks, Barbara-- but most days I don't impress myself as being very wise at all!


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