Monday, July 29, 2013

How Do You Live the Good Life?

You Live in the Present Moment


You try to live in the here and now. You are fully aware and focused on what's happening. You figure the past is gone and can't be changed. And the future isn't here yet.

You don't overthink or overreact. You try to just be. What is most important is what's going on in this moment. You find a lot of freedom in letting go of memories and worries. You are unburdened by life's timeline.

You are spontaneous, daring, and adaptable. You prefer to go with your gut than make a pro con list. You have less baggage than most people. Each experience is new for you, and every moment is a fresh start. 


  1. I take responsibility:

    You believe in free will, or at least as much free will that is possible in this world.
    You think your life is what you make of it. You take responsibility for your actions and for their outcomes.

    You feel responsible for the outcome of your life, but this frees you more than burdens you.
    You believe that almost anything is possible if you set your mind to it. You love how many choices you are presented with each day.

    You don't feel like a prisoner of your mind or your life. Change is always possible; it just may be difficult.
    You embrace whatever freedom you've been given. You think of possibilities - not of restrictions.

  2. I am open to experience:

    You are open and ready for whatever life has to offer you - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    You try to live without defensiveness, judgment, or expectations. You'll just take it all as it comes.

    You accept your feelings and let yourself react to things. But you don't let your feelings cloud your thoughts.
    By cultivating this openness and courage, you're able to experience so much of what life has to offer. You are generally unafraid.

    You are able to deal with reality and see the picture clearly. It may not always be pretty, but you're willing to work on that.
    You are both practical and flexible. You believe that problems can be fixed, and you're open to any solutions!

    This one was interesting and I believe they actually nailed it with me.

    1. It's nice when that happens. It seldom does with me, although I usually post my responses anyway and make no mention of how they don't fit me! LOL


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