Monday, June 17, 2013

What Makes You Well Rounded?

Your Cleverness is Well Rounded


You are a sharp and witty thinker. You would get bored quickly if you weren't so good at keeping yourself entertained.
You are a natural explorer, and sometimes you even poke your nose where it doesn't belong. You love to investigate.

You are a constantly changing creature, and people have trouble keeping up with your dynamic ways. You're a hard nut to crack. You may be always in flux, but you also strike a good balance in life. In fact, most of your change is just an effort to rebalance a bit.

You have a deep intuition, and you're good at figuring out what you need. You rarely ask others for advice. You take a bit of time for solitude and communicating with yourself. You listen carefully to your inner guide. 


  1. My cleverness is well rounded too!

    1. We seem to have done a switch this week. Now your answer agrees with mine, and Candace's does not!

  2. I'm Wisdom:

    You are a deep thinker, and you consider every issue carefully. You have the patience to think something through.
    You are the most introspective of all types. You have important insights and profound understanding.

    You are healthy and prosperous. You credit your ability to turn inward in helping you thrive.
    You are both oriented toward the future and the past. You think the future has a lot to offer but that you also can learn from history.

    You tend to be very good with money, even though you aren't materialistic. You simply make smart choices.
    You rarely give into impulse or whim. If you seem to make a rash decision, it's because you've secretly been thinking about it for a while.

  3. Mine is well-rounded too but is a different description. I'm not sure this is really me:

    You are one cool customer. You don't react immediately to what's going on around you. Instead, you let it all unfold.
    You maintain a comfortable distance from the world and other people. You don't like to get enmeshed and lose perspective.

    Compared to most people, you are incredibly stable. You are turned off by moodiness and drama of any sort.
    You are a smart and strong communicator. You know how to reach people right where they are and to make them understand what you're saying.

    You have a good mix of outward and inward perspective. You are reflective without being too self-absorbed.
    You have a soothing effect on those around you. Your strength and confidence inspires others to be the same way.

    1. It's interesting how some of these quizzes have one result with more than one description, isn't it?

      Don't worry, Margaret. I have yet to find a quiz that completely "gets" me! :-)


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