Monday, June 24, 2013

Do You Get Enough Nature?

You Get Plenty of Nature


Whenever you have the choice, you prefer to be outside. Being in nature makes you happy. Even when you're in the city, you tend to seek out green spaces. You like to have an oasis.

You may be a hardcore nature lover who enjoys hikes, skiing, and exploring the ocean every chance you get. But you also find solace in a quiet walk or eating outdoors at a cafe. You just love fresh air.

You are low maintenance and down to earth. You're not going to let a couple bug bites or some rain keep you inside. And when the weather is perfect, you've got to get ouside as soon as you can... even if that means playing hooky! 


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    1. After not getting the same answer as me last week, now we're twins again. The world has righted itself! LOL

  2. I don't get enough nature:

    Nature is fine, but it's not really a priority for you. You enjoy a nice sunny day like anyone else, though!
    You don't make time to get outside, and it shows. Whenever possible, you tend to prefer modern climate control.

    There is a lot that the indoors has to offer - like comfortable couches and fast internet. Being outside is called 'roughing it' for a reason.
    You're a city person, and there's nothing wrong with that. But maybe you get out and smell the grass. Or trees. Or ocean.

    You are cultured and quite intellectual. You tend to prefer mental experiences to physical ones.
    You can appreciate the beauty of nature, but you often rather appreciate it through art than real life.

    1. Does this fit you, I wonder? You didn't say anything about disagreeing with it....

  3. I got the same result you did, Cathy, but if I hadn't cheated I would have gotten Kathy's result. Some of the things I said I do now are actually things we used to do before Dave got sick. We don't do things outside that we used to love to do - like canoeing for instance, and we can't go for hikes. If we go to an outdoor festival we have to take Dave's wheelchair but the heat bothers him so much that we seldom go to those local festivals we used to love. It sounds like I'm whining but actually I've almost gotten used to it. My love of reading keeps me from complaining about our limitations, and I do read on the patio or the front porch frequently.

    1. Circumstances may dictate change, but they don't change the heart. Not really. Therefore you didn't cheat. :-)


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