Monday, April 29, 2013

Scene of the Crime with Author Maureen Jennings!

Like almost everyone else I don't just read mysteries, I also watch them-- "Inspector Morse," "Lewis," "Endeavour," "Castle," "NCIS," "Elementary"... the list of favorites is a long one. But for quite some time now, a Canadian mystery series has been right at the top of my favorites list. "Murdoch Mysteries" is set in 1890s Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and from the sets to the actors to the stories, I really enjoy it. Now usually when I watch a mystery series, I don't bother reading the books that it's based on. I know how things can change during the transformation from book to screen. But "Murdoch" was different, so I tracked down the very first book (Except the Dying-- you'll be reading my review in the next post). In the process I discovered that the author, Maureen Jennings has written a couple of other series as well. After reading the first Murdoch mystery, these other books have gone on my wish list.

Maureen Jennings
It's only natural that while I was looking up all her books I found a few links to share with you as well. I hope you'll all take the opportunity to learn more about this talented writer.

Want to get to know her better? Good! It's time for the interview....

What was the very first book you remember reading and loving? What makes that book so special?

Probably the Enid Blyton stories. (several) I loved the notion that there was another world we could step into.

Outside of your writing and all associated commitments, what do you like to do in your free time?

Train my dog. Watch British TV shows, mysteries and documentaries.

If I were to visit your hometown, where would you recommend that I go? (I like seeing and doing things that aren't in all the guide books.)

Don Valley Brick Works
Walking around Cabbagetown streets.

Walking in the Humber river park.

The Don Valley Brick Works. It's brilliant. 

You have total control over casting a movie based on your life. Which actor would you cast as you?

Helen Mirren
Yikes. As I am now more or less...Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep. They've got real faces.

Who is your favorite recurring character in crime fiction?

If you could have in your possession one signed first edition of any book in the world, which book would that be? Why that particular book?

The Hound of the Baskervilles. I am a huge lover of Conan Doyle.

How did you celebrate when you first heard you were to be published?

Went out for dinner with my husband.

What did you do the first time you saw one of your books on a shelf in a bookstore?

Grinned a lot. Took out the book and patted it.

Name one thing on your Bucket List.

To have a play I wrote, produced professionally. It is called The Weeping Time and concerns Sir Thomas More and his jailor.

You've just received a $100 gift card to the bookstore of your choice. Which bookstore are you making a bee-line for?

Book City. An independent store not far from us. They have been always supportive.


Thank you so much, Maureen, for spending this time with us. It was a pleasure to be able to get to know you a little better.

May your book sales do nothing but increase!


My review of Maureen's very first book to be published, Except the Dying, follows this interview. I hope you're now intrigued enough to check out her books as well as the excellent television series, "Murdoch Mysteries," which Americans can watch via Netflix or Amazon (if you're a Prime member).

To end this interview, I couldn't resist posting a photo of Maureen that I fell in love with. It shows her hard at work in Scotland. Happy Reading!


  1. I like her comment that Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep have real faces. Besides their obvious talent, I think she's hit on the reason most women love them.

  2. Great interview.

    I haven't read the Murdoch series, I confess, but I love the TV series, have taken the dvds out of the library here.

    Will have to investigate the other series mentioned by this talented author.

    1. Yes, I have to get my hands on those other books, too, Kathy!

  3. I have purchased and read every book Maureen has written (except the non fiction - way above my head) and I can thoroughly recommend them. Each one is so well researched and I really enjoy her writing style, I just can't put them down!

    1. Good to hear from a longtime fan-- thanks so much for stopping by, Denise!


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