Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Acclimatization Weekly Link Round-Up

The weather here in Phoenix has been very undroughtlike the past couple of months. In fact, the overcast skies and the rain remind me more of where I grew up in the Midwest. I'd like to complain about it, but I can't. We definitely need the rain, and I figure Mother Nature is doing her best to get me acclimatized before Denis and I head off on vacation.

I don't think I'm the only one who's a bit confused about the weather. My timing was perfect to go sit outside about an hour ago. I got to watch a wild peach-faced lovebird tanking up on apples and seeds at our feeder. Wild peach-faced lovebirds are not unusual here in the Valley of the Sun, but it's been several years since one has visited Casa Kittling. Since there was only one of the beautiful bright little birds, I think this was a "just passing through" visit, but we shall see!

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  • Nothing like retiring to a nice vacation spot outside of Tokyo and asking your architect to build "a house with a bookshop and a cafe where neighbors and visitors can stop by."  

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That's all for this week.  There may not be a round-up next weekend, but we'll see what happens! Have a fantabulous week, everyone!


  1. I want a house with a bookshop and a cafe!

  2. Cathy - What a great 'photo of that lovebird! And honestly, I like it when the weather varies. Where I live there isn't really real weather. I miss it. Oh, yeah, and thanks for the links as always. I just check out that crime fiction soundtrack idea...

    1. I was thinking of you when I found that post, Margot. :-)

      And as for the weather-- I'm where I belong. Most of the time I get to enjoy varying degrees of warm, and that's how I like it!


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