Monday, December 17, 2012

What Continent Are You?

You Are Australia


You are friendly, laid back, and casual. Not much gets under your skin. You are an open book and very easy to talk to. You always have a great story to tell... you've been on many adventures.

You are highly independent and a bit of a loner. You have carved your own path in life, and you don't have many who want to join you on your voyage.

You are energetic and focused. You like to be productive, and you like to keep moving. You love being outdoors. 

What Continent Are You?

Wow. A quiz that pretty much nailed me. I'm in shock!


  1. Not me at all

    You Are North America

    You are bold, assertive, and a real go getter. You don't mind taking charge of a situation... in fact, you prefer to lead.
    You believe that you deserve respect. You get annoyed when people point out your mistakes.

    You are more complicated than you seem, and you have many facets to your personality. You change quickly, and you're often misunderstood.
    To say you're power hungry is missing the point. You're also open to change, innovative, and successful.

    1. Oh well. Too bad it couldn't "nail" you, too, B!

  2. Darn it I had hoped for North America (solely on the basis that I love to travel there)!

    You Are Africa

    You are unpredictable, chaotic, and a bit of an underachiever. People say you don't live up to your potential.
    You have so many resources at your disposal, but you haven't figured out how to use them yet.

    You've had a hard (and possibly even violent) life, but you've remained beautiful and even tranquil at times.
    You are a mystery to most people, but that doesn't stop them from wondering about you. You are alluring and magical in many ways.

    Part of it is pretty spot on, but not everything. And am I really that alluring and magical? Hmmm ...

    1. Perhaps you and Blodeuedd can switch continents? ;-)

  3. Interesting one this time. I am Asia:
    You are driven, brilliant and resourceful. You tend to be thought of as a brain.
    You embrace ideas and technology quickly. You like to be on the cutting edge, but you don't forget about the past or tradition.

    You are cultured, cosmopolitan, and eclectic. You draw inspiration from many sources.
    You are unselfish and motivated by a sense of duty. You work hard because it's the right thing to do, not because you hope to strike it rich.

    1. We're getting a few of the continents represented, aren't we? :-)


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