Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Sleep Disorder Are You?

You Are Night Terrors

You dare to be different, and almost all the risks you take come out in your favor.
You have changeable moods. You are emotionally unpredictable... no one is sure how you'll react.

You are extremely intense. You aren't one for moderation or life balance. Your dreams (and daydreams) are active and colorful. Your imagination often takes over your mind.


  1. I'm Insomnia -- although I think sleep is overrated, I don't think I'm quite *that* driven:

    You have a restlessness about you that's hard to shake. You have difficulty calming down.
    You want to rise to the top. You are extremely ambitious and driven.

    You can't stand by and be complacent. You try to take action whenever possible, and when you can't act, you worry.
    In general, you consider sleeping to be a waste of time. You'll sleep when you're dead.

  2. I'm Sleepwalking

    You are totally exuberant and unrestrained in your actions. You really go for it!
    You can be a bit antsy at times. You get caught up in anticipation.

    You find almost everything invigorating. You are enthusiastic and upbeat.
    You are very independent and strong minded. You're not the type to sleep laying down.

  3. I got "night terrors" too, although given my answers, I have no idea why. I like the last sentence in Kathy's "sleepwalking." "You're not the type to sleep laying down." Good one.

  4. We've got a fairly good mix of sleep disorders here! LOL


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