Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Your Spirit Flower?

Your Spirit Flower is the Daisy

You value close relationships with friends. You count on your friends as much as they count on you.

You are completely unpretentious and carefree. All you care about is whether someone is a good person.

You are a natural counselor. You listen well and give out good advice when needed.

You love all of life's simple pleasures. You find a lot of joy in a walk outdoors or a day at the park.


  1. My spirit flower is the rose:

    You always have a hug and a smile for your friends. You're happy to have them as a part of your life.
    You believe that love is a doing word. You are always expressing your feelings through small acts of kindness.

    You are serene and satisfied with your life. You're content but not complacent.
    You draw comfort from many things and people in your life. You allow yourself to be happy.

  2. It's been ages since I did a quiz :)
    I got a daisy too

  3. For once I'm different. Mine is an iris:

    You are social and gregarious. You make other people feel at ease.
    You are a natural healer. You can make almost anyone cheer up simply by being around.

    You take time to reflect on the beauty of life. You have your own private rituals that you draw strength from.
    You are a wholesome person. You live a low-key, low drama, and healthy life.

  4. We seem to be developing a lovely bouquet!


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