Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's Colorful About You?

Your Heart is Colorful

You are independent yet interdependent. You want other people around, but you don't like needing them.

You are warm-hearted and caring. You celebrate and commiserate along with your friends.

You are a free spirit, but deep down you are reliable and trustworthy. You honor your commitments.

You are the friend everyone invites to the party. It's not the same if you're not there.


  1. My spirit is colorful: You are easygoing and leisurely. You prefer to keep things low-pressure in your life.
    You are approachable and genuinely nice. You are the friendly face in the room.

    You are a true optimist. You give anyone or anything a chance, even if others tell you not to.
    You are open-minded and flexible. You don't see things as set in stone, and you like to leave yourself open.

    1. This quiz has some intriguing options for answers!


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