Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Self Conscious Are You?

You Are Somewhat Self Conscious

You look inward without being self absorbed about it. You believe it's important to know yourself.

You are positive, optimistic, and downright sanguine. You see the world through rose colored glasses.

You can dig deep. You are amazingly resourceful and resilient when you need to be.

Like everyone else, you have your fair share of self-doubts. You try to rise above questioning yourself too much.


  1. I am not self conscious:

    You try not to spend too much time examining yourself. You don't believe in second guessing.
    You find almost everything invigorating. You are enthusiastic and upbeat.

    Other people may not like you, but that's their problem. You don't worry about what others think.
    You are an appreciator of so many things. You savor everything this world has to offer.

  2. I'm self conscious:

    You are a bit weary of the world around you. You tend to be on high alert, noticing everything.
    You are easily hurt and a bit suspicious of strangers' motives. People have to earn your trust.

    You aren't entirely sure of yourself. You lack confidence and self-esteem sometimes.
    You tend to be cautious. You try to think through all the consequences of every decision.

  3. Responses all over the board this week. I like that! :-)


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