Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Kind of Leader Would You Be?

You Are a Laissez-Faire Leader

You think that people should make their own decisions. You don't relish being a leader.

You're much more likely to give guidance than orders. You are a firm believer in choice.

You find that most people are more capable and wise than others give them credit for.

Everyone has different needs, and whenever possible, you try to lead with that in mind.


  1. This isn't very flattering, but I'm an autocratic leader:

    When you lead, you totally take charge. You believe you know what's best.
    You are good at dictating and delegating. You are a very decisive leader.

    You don't really require or want input when you're leading. You don't like having others involved.
    You think making decisions through consensus is weak. If people knew what to do, you wouldn't have to lead them.

    1. Wow! That is a completely shocking response... I don't have you pictured that way AT ALL!

  2. I got the same result you did, Cathe. Actually my preferred answer to the last question about whether I'd like to be a Montessori teacher, a CEO or a dictator, would have been none of the above. :)

    1. Same here. None of those choices appeal to me at all, although I think I chose the teacher.... It's been many sleeps since I took the quiz!


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