Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Scene of the Blog Featuring Louise of Book Bliss!

This week we're visiting Northern Ireland to see where Louise is inspired to create her blog, Book Bliss. (I love her blog name, don't you?) I enjoy her blog with its colorful header that shows her surrounded by towering stacks of books. Posts have been a bit scarce of late for two reasons: she's been working tons of hours at her new job, and she's been practicing on the saxophone her husband bought her for Christmas. Things will get back to normal soon, but in the mean time, if you've never visited Book Bliss before, I hope you take the time to do so now. Please don't forget to say hello to Louise while you're there!

If you're visiting from Louise's blog-- Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by to take a look at Louise's creative spaces. If you'd like to see any of the photos in a larger size, all you have to do is click on them and they'll open in a new window. If you'd like to take a look at the spaces of other book bloggers who've been featured here, click on the Scene of the Blog tab at the top of my header. You have two ways to search: by location or by blog name. Louise is about to start the tour, so let's not keep her waiting!

First off, I'm based in Northern Ireland but until recently have been working in Lancashire, England. This involved a lot of travelling which meant that I had loads of time for reading. Now that I'm between jobs, I have even more time for reading and I'm hoping to reduce my TBR pile. Because of the amount of travelling I do I tend to do a lot of my reading on a Kindle, when I'm away for 2 weeks at a time it can be difficult to carry paper books with me and I tend to panic if I think I might run out of reading material. Saying that I do get books through the Amazon Vine programme and from competition wins and publishers, so I'll try to have 1 'real' book with me and then replace it every couple of weeks, while filling the rest of my time with my Kindle books.

Louise's comfy blogging sofa

When I'm at home I try to do my blog work on my sofa. I have a laptop and I like to be comfy, so I'll often curl up with the laptop on my knee.

Louise blogs here when football is on the telly!

However, when my husband is at home then I tend to move to the bedroom to type. He finds my constant key clicking annoying when he's trying to watch football!

Bedside TBR pile!

I'm currently having some work done on my house, I'm having my roof space converted into two bedrooms which means that the bedroom I usually blog from is going to move upstairs, and I'm going to get an office!! Yey!! I'm so excited, not only will I have a desk to sit at when I'm feeling all official but I'm going to have a sofa in there as well so I can still curl up with the laptop on my knee if I want to. I've also convinced my husband that we need to have plenty of bookshelves in there as currently any books I have are locked away in drawers as I have absolutely no shelf space. Feel free to pop back next year to see how my blogging space has changed.

My husband was born and raised in Lancashire, Louise, and I'm very familiar with the area. (Unfortunately I've never been to Northern Ireland.)

It always makes me smile when we bookaholics talk about what we do to ensure we always have something at hand to read. It's perfectly understandable to us, but I know firsthand how many people do not understand and think we're a bit unhinged.

A new office? I'm excited for you! And plenty of bookcases are a must! You will definitely have to show us the finished room! Thank you so much for giving us this glimpse into your home and creative spaces. We really appreciate it.

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another book blogger from our worldwide community!


  1. Thanks for featuring Louise's blog! I hopped over and am now a follower.

  2. I wish I'd known about Louise when we visited Northern Ireland last year!

    1. Hi Bermudaonion

      What did you think of Northern Ireland? I always take visitors up to the coast to see the Giant's Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, did you visit these - more importantly, did you make it across the bridge? So far none of the females in my family have made it, they all stay at the side and admire the view!

  3. Thanks for following Peggy! I really appreciate it, hopefully you'll enjoy my reviews and giveaways.

  4. I laughed at the clicking annoyance. In my house, it is the reverse. My husband has his laptop with him when we are on the couch and I'm the one that finds the clicking tiresome. My computer of choice is a desktop.

    Nice to see your comfy couch though, Louise, and I can certainly relate to being afraid you might not have enough books with you. Thanks for sharing with us!


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