Tuesday, January 03, 2012

How Do You Get Your Point Across?

You Get Your Point Across by Thinking

To the outside world, you seem to move at a snail's pace. You contemplate everything.

You are detail oriented, and you take things one step at a time. You are very accurate.

You tend to formulate ideas and make decisions alone. Once you're done, you're ready to talk to others.

You work best alone and at your own pace. You have a quiet and low key way about you.

How Do You Get Your Point Across?

This is pretty darned accurate except for one thing: I'm not slow!


  1. I get my point across by discussing (my husband would say I discuss too much at times!):

    You are an indirect person, both with yourself and others. You are never sure where you're going.
    You prefer to open things up for discussion and see where the brainstorming takes you. You don't have expectations.

    You are open-minded and flexible. You don't see things as set in stone, and you like to leave yourself open.
    You are a good listener, and you think that you can learn from everyone. You know you're not always right.

  2. I get my point across by telling:

    You are direct and to the point. You move quickly, and you don't like to waste time.
    You concisely present others with the facts and let them make up their own minds.

    You don't try to persuade others. When you know you're right, people tend to agree with you.
    You take charge naturally, and people don't usually stop you. You are confident and competent.

    This is kind of accurate but makes me sound like my mother-in-law, she who I miss terribly and loved dearly.

  3. Kathy-- Denis and I seldom discuss because most of the time we agree on things. We do it well when we don't agree, though! LOL

    Barbara-- You made me laugh with your comment about your m-i-l. Does sound a bit like one. As I read it, I thought a combination of your answer and mine was more like me.

  4. I came out the same as you but I don't really move at a snail's pace. I definitely work best alone, though.

  5. Candace-- Like you, I work best alone, and my speed is FAST!

  6. I get my point across by discussing as well.

  7. Kris-- The Thinkers and Discussers seem to have a bit of an edge.


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