Friday, December 23, 2011

My Apologies....

Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked positions before I continue with my apologies.


Are you sure?

I donned an apron and was having too much fun in the kitchen Thursday night to do my usual Link Round-Up post.  I know. Me. An apron. "Fun" and "kitchen" in the same sentence. I think my husband is living with an imposter. I'm wearing pastel pink now, too-- after I've hated it for over fifty years.

Anyway, please be patient with me. I'm going to get a few hours sleep, get out the slow cooker, check the cookie doughs I have setting up in the refrigerator, and then I'll sit down and work on those links. (Even if I am the imposter.) Promise!

Speaking of Denis....

Ho, ho ho!


  1. Looks like Christmas is full steam ahead at your house. Have a wonderful day!

  2. It's crazy what the holiday spirit will do to people. LOL!! You should link this up to Weekend Cooking on Saturday if you think of it.

  3. I've been noticing a more domestic side of you coming out here lately! What did they do when they operated on you last year?

  4. Hey, Christmas fun should take precedence over a blog any day. We're probably all taking a few days off to do important things.

  5. Happy holidays :) I'm glad you're coming around to pink, such a fun color. heh

  6. cookies, a lovely tree, bookshelves and a guy in a Santa hat...what more can one want?

  7. Cathy, the im-portant blog-poster :)

    I read bermudaonion´s comment and chuckled.

    And I came here to wish you and Denis a merry Christmas because ours will begin in less than 24 hours.

  8. Kaye-- You, too!

    Candace-- Good idea, but I'm not sure what shape my rememberer will be in! LOL

    Kathy-- It hasn't been quite a year since the operation, but I'm glad you noticed. I think they switched me with June Cleaver!!!!!

    Joe-- What I'm doing isn't important, but I'm enjoying it!

    Chelseroo-- Back in the vault where it's kept the rest of the year.... ;-)

    Amy-- Well, it does go well with my white hair!

    Caite-- I can't think of a single thing!

    Dorte-- Same to you! I only posted my apologies because I happened to see four different people had been checking back every 20 minutes or so. The only reason I could think for that behavior is that they were wondering where the links were! LOL

  9. Haha - were we separated at birth? Fun in a kitchen and pink - not words generally used to describe me either! Enjoy your baked goods and best of health to you this coming year.

  10. The same to you and yours, Molly!

  11. Love the photo of Denis ... good luck with the cookies. They are such an American Xmas tradition. Over here it's more Christmas cake, mince pies and plum pudding.

  12. Sue-- Merry Christmas!

    Mystica-- The very same to you!

  13. Aha! Santa Denis looks like the cat who ate all the cream. Hope you had a happy Christmas Day.

  14. We did, Barb, thanks. I hope you and Dave had a marvelous day, too!


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