Friday, December 23, 2011

The Aromatic Weekly Links Round-Up

Yes, I've finally gotten in gear and rounded up the links. I'm in the midst of my second round of holiday baking. The first round consisted of a couple of my mother's standard offerings (Black Bottom cupcakes and miniature cheesecakes) as well as spiced pecans and lemon carrot bread. This round started with oatmeal-toffee drop cookies and will continue today with baking the refrigerated doughs for soft honey cookies and citrus almond cookies. Tomorrow night I'll get the Lancashire Parkin put together so it can rest overnight and be baked on Christmas morning. The Lancashire lad who lives here put in a request, and I've found that it's almost impossible to say no to that man.

Anyway, here are some links I managed to gather during the past week. Hopefully they'll provide you with a bit of entertainment if you have a minute or two to relax in the next few days!

Bookish News & Other Interesting Stuff


I ♥ Lists

Christmas Pretties (Books, Furniture, Decor & Feel-Good News)

New to My Google Reader

Happy holidays to one and all! May your hearts be as filled with joy as my own. If, however, this time of year is one filled with pain for you-- please. Please know that you are not alone. Please know that I, too, have seen the abyss. I care.


  1. I love the Christmas tree mobile made of ornaments! I'd definitely have to wait until the kids are grown though, because they'd be sad about not decorating a real tree. (That and get plastic ornaments or the cats would shatter them all.)

  2. Alyce-- I have an unadorned corner in one room that I think would be perfect for it.


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