Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Suit of Cards Are You?

You Are Spades

You love living life on your own terms. Independence is very important to you.

Whenever possible, you try to do things yourself. You want all the credit for your accomplishments.

You enjoy working hard, but you enjoy the paycheck at the end even more.

You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.


  1. I'm Diamonds:

    You may be well liked, but there's nothing bland or ordinary about you. You are dazzling.
    You are a networker. You love getting to know people, both in professional and personal contexts.

    Friends and family bring meaning to your life. You know who your core group is.
    You are versatile and flexible. You can adapt to any situation with grace and style.

  2. I'm Clubs:
    You have strong insights about the world. You are quite wise and philosophical.
    You are responsible and trustworthy. You are willing to be accountable.

    You tend not to value organized religion. There isn't much for you there.
    You are future oriented. You believe that's where all the possibilities are.

    This is really me! They got it right. I'd really like to be dazzling like Kathy though. :)

  3. Diamonds, clubs and spades. Anyone for hearts??

  4. Sorry, Clubs too ... pretty right ...

  5. And I'm clubs too ... seems right :)

  6. Interesting how all the clubs are happy with their answers.... : )

  7. I'm spades too. I'm happy with spades. It's pretty much me... although I do share credit when credit is due. And yeah, I'll take that paycheck! :)

  8. Leslie-- I'll take one of those, too!


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