Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekly Link Round-Up Wants to Know: Are the Dog Days Over?

Hurricanes, earthquakes... it's been a busy week elsewhere. Here at Casa Kittling I've been having one of my best-ever pool reading summers. I've read one fantastic book after another, and I really don't want summer to end even though we've been breaking records here. What records? Well, here in Phoenix we went over 30 days with the daily high temperature never falling below 110°F (43°C). Now you may understand why I've been spending so much time in the pool!

The heat has stressed the local wildlife, and several new-to-me critters have shown up on my big insulated drink cup, or at the feeders or waterfall. Since I not only take books and drinks out to the pool but my camera, too, I've gotten a few weeks' fodder for Wordless Wednesday in the bag. I'm going to be mean and not share any with you today because I want to get to the links. (I have another excellent book yelling at me from the other room!)

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Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere
  • This is always so much fun to do... and to read everyone else's responses--- Pop Culture Nerd's My Life As a Book 2011!

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That's it for this week. Hopefully I managed to find an item or two that piqued your interest! Don't forget to stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. I was always so happy to be up in Prescott in the summer! Pool or no pool, 110 is too hot! Can't wait to see your photos. Off to explore some links.

  2. Beth-- We're headed up to the mountains on a day trip next week. Always nice to head up to the higher elevations!

  3. What on earth? Is it really so surprising that the president might want to read a bit of fiction instead of living his job 24 hours a day even while on vacation? Has that columnist really got nothing better to do with his time? (Hmm. Maybe he could spend it reading a novel?)

  4. Pepper-- Let's make that suggestion to him, shall we? Sheesh!

  5. I get the feeling we'd just be scoffed at.

  6. Pepper-- Probably, but I'd like to see his original reaction when I handed him a copy of Dick and Jane!

  7. I love your Weekly link-up. My husband and I used lots of your links as inspiration when we went "library" furniture shopping this weekend. Thanks for taking the time for this kind of post every week. With my busy teaching schedule I know that I can come to your post and catch up on what I missed all week. Thanks!! Happy Labor Day!

  8. IAB-- Your comment made my day! I hope your library furniture expedition went well, since that's one of my favorite types of shopping. Enjoy your long weekend; I've been thinking of you a lot since you told me about all those children being cooped up indoors with this heat. At least this week should be getting a bit cooler!


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