Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews!

If you've ever wondered how to meet other book bloggers (or at least how to find other book blogs), one of the best things to do is to backtrack the comments left on your blog. Did someone new just leave a comment? See if you can find out if that person has their own blog. Chances are excellent that they do.

That's how I ran across this week's featured book blogger, and when I went to check out Elizabeth's blog, Silver's Reviews, I knew we had at least one interest in common. Staring out at me from her blog header was a photograph of a harbor scene in Portree, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Something told me that I'd just found another lover of one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Highlands of Scotland. It also didn't hurt that I'd found a book blog with an eclectic mix of books reviewed, giveaways, and many other posts in which Elizabeth shares her passion for reading.

If you've never visited Silver's Reviews before, I sincerely hope you take the time to do so. Please say hello to Elizabeth while you're there! If you'd like to see any of the photos below in a larger size, all you have to do is to click on them. Let's see where the magic happens at Silver's Reviews!

Blogging has been a great deal of fun for me because I have met so many wonderful people and have read so many terrific books that I could never have imagined I would read.  Composing the reviews has also enhanced my writing skills.  I thoroughly enjoy writing the reviews, and my method is to write the review as I read.  I don't like to wait until I am done with the book.

I keep track of my books in a Google Word Table that states the name of the book, the date I was asked to review the book, the date I received the book, and the e-mail of the person who asked me to review so I can thank them after the book arrives and send them my review.

My photos include ones of my blogging areas and my bookcases along with a few words of explanation.  A few words?  Well...yeah...I guess I am not a woman of a few words.  :)  Hope you enjoy the tour.

Elizabeth's computer area

This is my main blogging laptop is in a corner of my dining room on an antique White sewing machine (and not the color white, the brand name White) that my father turned into a table with a drawer for me.  My blogging spot is cozy and away from the noise of the TV in the family room.

Elizabeth's summer porch

This is my summer back porch blogging area...I take my laptop on the porch when it isn't too hot and work outside so I can enjoy summer and my favorite thing other than guessed it.....BLOGGING.

Elizabeth's main bookcase

This is my main bookcase...we had to buy this TALL bookcase since I was stacking my books on the floor in an upstairs bedroom.  I have only been blogging for a year, and I can't imagine how many more books I will be getting in the years to come.  I will have to give some away or get another bookcase.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….going to be difficult to give books away.

My books are shelved by ones that I have read and ones unread.  The bottom shelf  has the books turned sideways because they are the ones that definitely need to be read by a certain date.  I also have a handwritten notebook of the ones that MUST be read within the current month.  I am highly organized...that is just the business teacher in me.  :)

Upstairs bookcase

This is a small upstairs bookcase that my son and I share....he doesn't live at home so I take up most of the space of course.  He is an avid reader as well...thanks to his Mom.

He laughs when he goes into a book store and sees a book that is being featured because he says to himself:  "New book,  huh?....that book has been on my Mom's shelves for a few months already.  :)  I put some of the thick books on this upstairs bookcase.  I also put a manuscript that I received for review upstairs since it is in a white box and looks better there.

Backyard view

Here is what I see from the window as I blog: my backyard!

I love your view, Elizabeth-- and your summer porch. I'd absolutely love it if my house had a back porch, but I can't have everything-- I'd be spoiled!

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around your creative spaces. We certainly appreciate it!

Join me next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another book blogger from our worldwide community!


  1. What a wonderful write up. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    It is my pleasure to have been featured on your blog.

    I didn't know you loved the Isle of Skye too. Pretty neat. :)


  2. Nice view, Elizabeth! And I love your porch, a great place to sit when it's warm outside.

    BTW I also love the Isle of Skye. I have dreams of becoming an author and spending at least part of the year there... :-)

  3. Getting to know Elizabeth this last year has been a lot of fun, so I loved seeing her space. I love her back porch too!

  4. I just took a look at her blog and will certainly be following it. She's at the opposite corner of PA from me.

  5. Judith-- That makes at least four of us. We could form a writers colony!

  6. Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her space and the nice view with us. I enjoy outdoor reading/blogging spaces too.

  7. I haven’t found Elizabeth yet but her blog is my next port of call, thank you for the introduction.

  8. Oh, my! What a beautiful view! It's good to get to know you a little better, Elizabeth.

  9. Barbara-- You're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I am still so excited about the great post you made, Cathy, and for all the folks that stopped by. :)

    THANKS again.


  11. I love the summer porch! Looks like the perfect place to read and blog.

  12. I love this! I also love the fact that now that I'm book blogging, my friends and my daughters often say the same thing, "Oh, Julie/Mom already HAS that book!" - or even, "Hey, Mom .. such and such a book is coming out - can you get a review copy?" LOL! I've always been an avid reader, but blogging and reviewing has brought so much "more" to the experience. I also want to live with you, Elizabeth (I want that backyard!)

  13. I just found this post AGAIN!!

    Thank you again for featuring me. Here's to a new decade of fun.


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