Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are You Fiction or Non-Fiction?

You Are Fiction

You believe that life is magical, especially when you enter the world of ideas.

You are highly creative and imaginative. The real world often isn't enough for you.

You are optimistic and hopeful. You believe that we craft our own destinies.

You believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. And you do a lot of dreaming.


  1. Cute! Looks like I'm nonfiction. I may post this as well.

  2. I'm Non-Fiction:

    You are mentally sharp and clear-minded. Facts matter to you, and you remember them well.
    You are curious about the world, and many subjects interest you. You have a real thirst for knowledge.

    You are willing to listen to any point of view, as long as it's backed up with facts and logic.
    You have nothing against fiction, but you definitely feel like the real world is interesting enough as is!

  3. I'm amazed to discover I'm fiction!

  4. And I'm non-fiction (sort of to my surprise) - ALTHOUGH the questions were sort of obvious too, don't you think?

  5. LOL! I looked at the questions and realized there was no way I could complete the quiz. On some of the questions there was no way to choose between the answers, since I'm both answers. Perhaps I'm a hybrid book?

  6. Now why did I think this quiz might see a bit more action? LOL!

  7. I got fiction (unsurprisingly) and my mom got non-fiction (also unsurprisingly). Thank you for sharing the fun quiz! :)


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