Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Debbie of ExUrbanis!

Sometimes I don't think people realize just how important their comments on other blogs can be. I know that I've found several wonderful book blogs just from reading their creators' comments elsewhere. In fact, that's what happened with this week's featured blog. Debbie left a comment on another blog that led me to believe that we shared a bit of reading DNA, so I clicked on over to Debbie's.

What I discovered was ExUrbanis-- the blog of a woman and her husband who left city life behind and now live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. Yes, you'll find interesting posts about life in the country, but you'll also find lots of books as well. As Debbie says, "What do you think we do on those long winter evenings if we're not reading?"

If ExUrbanis is new to you, I hope you'll take this opportunity to visit and say hello to Debbie. I think you'll like what you see. Debbie is going to be showing us some beautiful spaces, so remember that if you'd like to see any of the photos in a larger size, all you have to do is click on them. Let's visit Debbie!

I started ExUrbanis a couple of years ago to talk about the pros and cons of leaving the city and moving to the country. I added the caution:  "As well, I’ll feature some book reviews because, after all, what do you think we do on those long winter evenings if we’re not reading?" As it turns out, I'm reading whether it's summer or winter, rainy or sunny, and anything in between - and Exurbanis has morphed into a blog about my books with some country insights from time to time.

Debbie's office space
I have a beautiful office space at the top of the front stairs that's a lot bigger than just the space for my laptop, but this is my writing place - with a view over my front yard and the field across the road. The view often inspires me - sometimes it inspires me to just daydream...

Debbie's living room
My reading spaces include the living room (where I keep my 'main' library), my king-sized bed (where I'm usually accompanied by both dogs and the cat and sometimes my husband after he's turned off the television), and my newest space - the screened gazebo on the back deck.

Debbie's outside reading space
That's the Kindle I just won this week on the table, and I just love it! (Who knew? I always said I would never read a book that wasn't on paper. I guess you're never too old to try new things.)

Besides the library in the living room, there's the one in my sewing room and my mysteries in the guest room. There are also a few other small bookcases - in  hallways up & down and our bedroom, as well as my current TBR pile on the credenza in my office.

Debbie's To-Be-Read books
The TBR stack often includes several library books as well as wins, ARCs and things I've just pulled off my shelves and want to get to sooner rather than later.

The Boys

I like to think that the country influence shows in my home - and on my blog. Thanks so much for the chance to share my 'scene' with your readers!

You're more than welcome, Debbie. We loved seeing your creative spaces! I'd like to scratch behind the ears of The Boys, and I can hear the creak of the rattan as I take a seat in your screened gazebo. I saw some books in common in some of your photos, and I have to admit that, when I saw the photo of your living room, my reaction was, "!'

I can also see why having that window in your office space would lead to a daydream or two! One of the features I've always enjoyed on your blog is the Friday Afternoon View from My Window. I love watching the change of seasons!

Thanks so much for allowing us this peek into your home, Debbie. It is much appreciated!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring the creative spaces of another member of our worldwide book blogging community.


  1. I was particularly glad to see that guest room -- because I'm seriously contemplating moving in. :) Fabulous space.

  2. All these spaces look lovely, but I especially like the outside. What a great place to read!

  3. WOW...What a bookies dream, walls lined with books. If I visited her I would probably never come out of the guest bedroom. I would probably never go home. ; )

  4. Sounds like everyone is going to Nova Scotia. Well, you couldn't pick a better place. This seems like my blog and I must look at hers - moving from city to country and having my blog morph into a book blog without even intending to have that happen. Love, love, love the "boys."

  5. Thanks for all your kind words, everyone - and I wish you ALL could come and visit, as most of the folks who come through my home aren't really that interested in my books.

    Sometimes I sit on the bed in the guest room and pretend that I'm twelve and visiting my gram - and think 'what a great room this is!'

    Thanks again, Cathy, for letting me share.

  6. My blogging space is stuck in a corner, so I love that she has a window right by hers. I can relate to all those bookcases!

  7. Debbie has a lovely blog. Thanks for showing us her wonderful blogging space and home.

    I found Ex-Urbanis earlier this year.. probably though a comment or visit to my blog.

  8. Debbie-- Thank you so much for participating!

    Barbara-- I was thinking of you as I put together the post!

  9. What a great house, Debbie. Love everything about it. Especially the book lined walls and the two 'boys'.

  10. I recognize those two "boys" the white one is Wesley and the Valley Bull is Farlow. I couldn't forget those faes anywhere, having photographed them some years ago. They're named after jazz guitar legends Wes Montgomery and Tal Farlow.


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