Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Golden Age of American Lighthouses by Tim Harrison and Ray Jones

Title: The Golden Age of American Lighthouses, A Nostalgic Look at U.S. Lights from 1850 - 1939
Authors: Tim Harrison and Ray Jones
ISBN: 9780762712762
Publisher: Globe Pequot, 2002
Paperback, 176 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, History
Rating: B
Source: Purchased at Bookman's, Phoenix, Arizona

First Line: Every form of human enterprise has passed through a halcyon epoch fondly remembered as a "golden age."

Tim Harrison (publisher and editor of Lighthouse Digest magazine and president of the American Lighthouse Foundation) and Ray Jones (writer or co-writer of many books about lighthouses) know their stuff. They've compiled an impressive collection of vintage photographs and fascinating history that will make any lover of lighthouses smile.

Not only are the lighthouses themselves showcased, but the work lives and day-to-day existence of lighthouse keepers and their families are also discussed. Being a lighthouse lover myself, I greatly enjoyed this book, although I do have one small quibble with it: the vast majority of lighthouses mentioned in this book are on the Eastern seaboard, and in particular, New England.

Although I would have preferred more mentions of lighthouses on the West coast, this is a wonderful compilation of photos and history that would be a welcome addition to any lighthouse lover's library.


  1. This review made me smile. Originally from Ill., live in Phoenix, and you love lighthouses? Well, I do too. I guess Dave is right - Ill. people are a strange lot. :D

  2. Barbara-- Yes, all that's true (including being strange) but I'm also the granddaughter, daughter and wife of Navy men! And I think you just gave me an idea for my next Wordless Wednesday post!

  3. Even though you rated this only a B, I may have to pick it up for the history - we just returned from a Cape Cod vacation and saw many lighthouses. So many have been lost (and many moved inland so they're not lost!).

  4. Dawn-- Wish I could've sneaked in your luggage. I have yet to see an East coast lighthouse!


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