Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arizona Lighthouses

Arizona lighthouses? That doesn't sound quite right, does it? Well, I didn't drink too much joy juice last night. Take a look for yourself---

Arizona Lighthouse #1

Just in case you didn't believe your eyes, take another look---

Arizona Lighthouse #2

Where are these lighthouses to be found? On the shores of Lake Havasu, a prime vacation spot here in the desert (particularly for college students on spring break). I have a feeling that spring break is one of the reasons why these lighthouses were built, after reading the plaque on the Vermillion Lighthouse---

Plaque on Vermillion Lighthouse

If Lake Havasu sounds familiar, perhaps it's because Lake Havasu City is the home of something else---

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Inspiration for posts can come from anywhere.  One of my faithful readers and blogging buddies commented on my recent review of a lighthouse book that, here I was from central Illinois, living in Phoenix, Arizona... and I love lighthouses. This is all true, and for some strange reason her comment made me think of the Lake Havasu lighthouses!


  1. I have seen the original in Vermillion -- my family sails on Lake Erie, so I've seen quite a few of the lighthouses.

    I've never been to Lake Havasu, but I have hiked to and camped at the travertine falls in Havasu Canyon. That was in the early 70s -- it was pretty remote them. Now I see that there are guided tours and even horse rides to the falls. It took us two days to walk in back then and we never saw another person.

  2. This made me laugh not because of the lighthouse, although I didn't know there was one at Lake Havasu, but because last week my husband was astonished to find out there was a lake in Arizona. I told him there are rivers there too! (He's only been to AZ once, me many times.)

  3. I must admit that you surprised me there. The first one is absolutely gorgeous. (One with a good story in, I am sure, if only someone had time to write it).

  4. I love looking at lighthouses. They are each unique in their own special way. I agree you don't expect to see lighthouses in Arizona.

  5. Beth-- You saw it the best way then!

  6. Leslie-- You should tell your husband that-- at one time-- Arizona residents owned more boats per capita than anywhere else in the US. That ought to stun him into insensibility! LOL

    Dorte-- I like the first one, too. You would've laughed if you'd been with us the first time I saw one of those lighthouses!

    Ann-- I was rather stunned when I first saw them!

  7. We stopped at Lake Havasu to see London Bridge but I never realized there were lighthouses on the lake - which is surprisingly big. It's a lovely place. Glad I gave you an idea. :)

  8. How Fun! Thanks for expanding our horizons!

  9. Barbara-- Didn't you know that you're an inspiration?? :)

    Tina-- I aim to please! :o)


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