Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Scent Shampoo Are You?

You Are Vanilla Shampoo

You are generally a content and satisfied person. You glory in life's smallest moments.

You have found a calm and peace that is rare. You are happy to just be.

You don't try to be powerful, but you have a quiet power to you. Your still waters run deep.

You are naturally sexy without even trying to be. Your true happiness is very appealing.


  1. You Are Almond Shampoo

    You are chic and sophisticated. You always look polished... and effortlessly so. You are extremely subtle. You abhor anything or anyone who is too over the top.

    You are known for your good taste. You always seem to know what will work.
    Friends usually follow what you do, but by that time you've moved on to something else.


  2. I'm almond shampoo like Blodeuedd.

  3. I'm lavendar shampoo:

    You are an unfussy, down to earth, natural type of person. You shy away from anything fake.
    You are both classic and classy. You always mind your manners and you never fall for trends.

    While you life a simpler life than most, your personality is quite complex and layered.
    You strike the perfect balance, and there are often two sides to every facet of your personality.

  4. Is it me, or is it starting to smell like a Bath & Body Works shop in here? :o)


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