Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Sakura of Chasing Bawa

I first learned about this week's featured book blogger through the fun events surrounding Book Blogger Appreciation Week. This is one of the best ways to discover new-to-you blogs, and this year the celebration is September 12-16. But I need to get back on track, don't I?

Sakura is a half Japanese, half Sri Lankan Londoner whose thoughtful and eclectic book blog, Chasing Bawa, is a delight to read. Like so many of us, she loves to go on book buying binges, and (like so many of us) remembering just what she's read can be such a problem that she decided to start blogging about what she's read as a sort of online memory device. (We need all the help we can get, don't we?)

To all the foodies who read Kittling: Books, I want you to know that Sakura also writes a bi-weekly column called "Slightly Peckish" for Umamimart. Her latest post was "Paris in the Footsteps of Hemingway", and I know that some of my readers will definitely want to take a look at that.

Please stop by Chasing Bawa to take a look around at all the great content and to say hello to Sakura while you're there. Now that we're ready to see her creative spaces, don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it in a larger size in a new window.

The chilling out, reading, and blogging chair

This is my chilling out, reading and blogging chair. It's very comfy and as soon as I'm back from work, I plonk my bottom there, switch on the telly and computer and open a book. These days I'm trying to watch less tv and concentrate more on reading as I'm beginning to realise this multitasking business isn't really working for me. Usually the pile of books on the table is much bigger; things I'm planning to read, things I need to review and new books I just want to look at. You all know how it is.

Commute time is reading time!
I also read a lot on my commute or whenever I'm traveling on public transport. It makes the experience a little more soothing and I actually look forward to it. Plus you get to spy on what other people are reading. If I don't have something to read with me, I panic a little. I was going to take a picture of reading on the tube (subway) but it's always rush hour and there's never any room to manoeuvre. Really, you don't want to mess with people on their commute!

Blogging in bed

I also read and blog in bed. Who doesn't?

Sakura's sister has a comfy sofa
And my other favourite place to read is my sister's sofa. It's huge and purple and velvety with big, soft cushions. Whenever I need a little break from playing with my two little nephews (it's hard work keeping the top spot as the favourite aunt), I go there to read and before you know it, I'm dozing off. It's probably the most conducive place for reading and snoozing.

Reading's always been something I do to relax so I guess my favourite reading spots are places where I can relax too. And the same goes for blogging.

Hope you enjoyed the little peek into my blogging life!

I certainly enjoyed it, and I'm sure everyone else did as well-- although I do have to admit that I'm one of the few who has some sort of portable blogging device who doesn't use it in bed. It is one of my prime reading spots though!

Having been to the UK twice and missed London both times, I think I'd spend more time sitting in that doubledecker bus looking at the sights, but then I'm a tourist and have a completely different perspective.

I do love the brightly colored prints in the room with Sakura's blogging chair (which looks very comfortable), and the light that pours in also gets two huge thumbs up from me.

Thank you so much for allowing us this glimpse into your creative spaces, Sakura. It is much appreciated!

Stop by next Wednesday when another book blogger in our worldwide community will show us her favorite reading and blogging spaces!


  1. Thanks for showing us your reading and blogging places, Sakura.

    It's handy that you can read on the bus. I can't. But in a car (passenger's seat or train/metro it's fine. It's good that you have a book when in the underground, otherwise, where can you look? I've done an underground trip through London many times, and it's awful when you have nothing to look at!

  2. It is great to see your reading spaces - I love that sofa!

    I don't blog in bed, but I do a lot of reading there. Great photos :-)

  3. I have been following Sakura from the day I decided to start blogging about books! Thanks for a great interview.

  4. Great to see more about where Sakura blogs! Love that couch, it looks quite comfortable :)

  5. I'm with you - I'd be looking at the sites from that bus! I love Sakura's space.

  6. Remembering the crowds in the Tube, it's a wonder you can even read there. I can't read in a vehicle of any kind, but then I love looking out the window - I might miss something otherwise. :-)

  7. wonderful to see ,Sakura life a bit ,I blog on sofa with laptop ,all the best stu

  8. Thanks all for your lovely comments:) Of course, if I'm going anywhere new by bus, I'm on the edge of my seat making sure I don't miss my stop (and taking in my surroundings)! It's funny but I never read much in cars, only buses, trains and planes.

  9. I love your space! And I would be fighting you for a spot on your sister's sofa -- looks so comfy.

  10. A very nice space indeed. Very conducive to deep thoughts and wonderful posts, I'm thinking. And you have everything there at your finger tips. :) But I must say I LOVE that purple sofa. My chihuahua would love it too. It looks oh-so-comfy for reading and/or snoozing. The color is so soothing and rich. Love it.

  11. Thanks again for sharing another blogger's personal space! And introducing me to a new-to-me blog.

    I want Sakura's sister's couch!

  12. Thanks for your comments:) I'll make sure my sis knows everyone's loving her sofa, it'll make her day!

    And thank you Cathy for asking me to participate in your lovely feature!

  13. Sakura-- The pleasure was all mine!


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