Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Joli of Actin' Up With Books!

This week I'm happy to feature Joli of Actin' Up With Books. When you visit her blog, you'll discover book reviews, author interviews, and a fun series called "Love My Indie" in which bloggers, readers, and writers tell us about their favorite independent bookstores. She even has a page called "I Love Lists", which certainly appeals to the listmaker (me) here at Casa Kittling.

After you've taken a look at Joli's creative spaces, please take the opportunity to check out Actin' Up With Books. You'll be glad you did!

Before Joli gives us a tour, don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it in a larger size-- which always helps when you're trying to read the spines of books!  Take it away, Joli!

The scene of my blog is always changing. I have finally reclaimed my laptop from my husband (I made him get his own) and can go anywhere in the house (and out as the case may be) and not be stuck in my office at my desktop. Sometimes I blog in my bedroom, home office and at my kitchen table. Life has been kind of busy lately and these spaces are complete messes so I am sparing myself a bit of embarrassment and have omitted pictures of those spaces.

Blogging on the deck

My newest place to blog is out on my deck. Now that the weather has turned nice, I love to sit in the sun and read and blog.  I just have to make sure that I put on a  lot of sunscreen and have a cool drink because it is getting hot! I like to blog outside because I don't get distracted by other things that I could be doing inside the house.

Joli's favorite blogging spot
My favorite place to blog is in my huge chair in my living room. It is so comfortable and great for reading, blogging and napping. My dog Chewy Shortcake is often by my side and sometimes climbs right on my laptop when she thinks I should be paying attention to her instead of the many blogs I visit. Thank goodness she only weighs 4 pounds so she doesn't do any damage to my keyboard. Although my screen usually has a few of her nose prints.
Joli's smallest bookcase

This is my smallest bookcase and includes many of the books that I have acquired since starting my blog in August. I love to buy books just as much as I love to read books. I love having them on hand to share with my friends. What's so funny, or maybe not, is that I keep loaning out the same books - The Hunger Games Trilogy.

I can certainly understand about life getting in the way of housekeeping. In features like this, judicious editing and a good zoom lens come in quite handy. (Just ask me how I know!)

Joli's deck looks like a perfect spot to blog and read, especially at this time of year. Yes... from her deck to her comfy chair to her bookcase to her apple green laptop complete with nose prints, I really enjoyed Joli's tour of her creative spaces. Thank you so much, Joli!

Don't forget to stop by next week when another member of our worldwide book blogging community will be featured on Scene of the Blog!


  1. Yep life always gets in the way of housekeeping! But that chair on the deck looks fantastic! As does the sun. I need a chair like that :)

  2. I've moved outside first thing in the mornings as swing and fenced in back yard gives me some breathing/thinking room and my pups some running/playing room all at the same time. :) We can't sit out there early evenings though bc of the dang mosquitoes :(

  3. I don't have a laptop yet, but yearn for one so I can use it outside. I have a front porch and a patio out back to chose from. My housekeeping suffers more and more as I discover more blogs that I like to read. Good thing Dave doesn't notice the dust much.

  4. That chair does look comfy! I'm going to check out Joli's blog now.

  5. Your favorite blogging spot looks very similar to one of mine! Comfy chairs rule :)

  6. Your favorite blogging spot looks very similar to one of mine! Comfy chairs rule :)

  7. Love this post. Thanks for sharing these "scene of the blog" posts. It makes it feel like we could pull up our own chairs and sit for a spell and talk books!

    Love it!

  8. The deck is a great place to sit and read or blog. Only problem for me is I get distracted by all the birds at my feeders!

  9. I am also looking forward to the period when (if?) the Danish summer allows me to read and blog in the garden. Not that I let housework distract me when I read as my family could tell you (well, fortunately I am not the only one :D)

  10. Thanks for introducing me to Joli! I love that comfy-looking chair. I blog on my deck too.

  11. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Blogging outside hasn't been as relaxing as I thought, all my neighbors have dogs and they've been barking like crazy lately. But they're dogs, that's what they do.

    I think a great chair can make all of the difference. My husband has already changed the ones on the deck. I must say they aren't so great.

    Again, thanks for the comments and I'll be checking out your blogs too.

  12. I vote for the chair on the deck. I like that idea. A lot.

    Although my own desk chair is pretty comfy. But sometimes my chihuahua Rocky insists on jumping into my lap while I blog. :)

  13. Barbara-- Denis is convinced that dust is a protective coating for furniture.


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