Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Imitates Art on Wordless Wednesday

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  1. he looks like he is thinking about his stoney friend.

  2. Looks like he can't figure out why the other bird is so quiet. Very cute.

  3. How clever of you to take this shot! Right place, right time I guess.

  4. I love this! Perhaps he's waiting his turn in the bath. I can't get enough cute bird photos.

  5. I love when the birds pose like that. I put my little garden gnomes out last week and the birds were walking up to them cautiously and staring at them.

  6. Caite-- What he's thinking may not be very complimentary, though!

    Kathy-- They are very fun birds to watch!

    Barbara-- Glad you like it.

    Kay-- I had my butt parked on that chair for a good long time, I'll have you know! LOL

    Belle-- Thanks!

    Marie-- He didn't wait for his bath. He splashed so much out we had to refill it!

    Leslie-- They keep track of every tiny change you make to your property. I know. I've made one little change, and then sat in the pool to watch and time them!

    Beth-- Thanks!


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