Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Companionable Wordless Wednesday

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  1. what a happy little face...I want to give him a big old hug!

  2. I remember this cute little fella from before. I'm with Caite - would love to give him a hug. By the way, is Bisbee okay? I remember it was threatened by the fires.

  3. What a happy face. He looks glad to see you.

  4. Well, isn't he a cutie! More hugs on the way...

  5. Caite-- After giving you a good sniff-over, I'm sure Scooter would let you do it!

    Barbara-- The fires got within 8 miles before they could be contained. It was really scary. Our friends were packed up and ready to evacuate.

    Leslie-- He was. He's the smallest dog in the "pack" and really doesn't get his fair share of attention. He was more than happy to come up to the cottage and be treated like a king!

    Marie-- Y'all have made Scooter one happy little dog!


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