Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What High School Clique Did you Belong To?

You Were One of the Nerds

When you were in high school, you probably found it a little difficult to fit in.
But then again, you probably didn't care! You didn't really feel like changing who you are... and you still don't.

Back then, no one had the maturity to appreciate your intelligence and cleverness. You were pretty misunderstood.

Luckily, it's a nerd's world these days, and things are getting better all the time for people like you. Some may even consider you to be cool now.


  1. It looks like we would have been friends in high school - I was a nerd too!

  2. I was a clique all of my own in middle school (there is no high school in Iceland). No big surprise that I test as a nerd.

  3. I was in the choir and then drill team clique. Then the last 2 years of high school I was in the FFA clique. I was acquainted with most of the kids I went to school with and on friendly terms with all. Was close friends with few.

  4. You Were One of the Overachievers
    When you were in high school, you were unusually mature and together for your age.
    You worked hard and were extremely successful. You probably graduated at the top of your class.

    You probably didn't have much time to even consider what social clique you were in... you were too busy studying.
    Some may say that you missed out on the full high school experience, but at least you got into a good college!

    This is kind of me, except for the mature part. I was woefully immature - until I was about 35!

  5. Nerds and overachievers. What a group!

  6. You Were One of the Slackers
    When you were in high school, you really didn't want to be there. You hated everything about school!
    You tried to do as little as possible to get by... your grades and attendance record prove that.

    You are probably somewhat of a late bloomer. Your lack of success in high school doesn't really predict much.
    You're the type of person who does best when you're able to do your own thing. And it's a lot easier to live that way outside of school!

    Haha, nah I had actually ok grades

  7. I'm a bit late, but isn't that typical of jocks? :)

    Glad I could mix it up a bit, I'm a jock. Hmm...yes I was active in 2 sports but I wasn't labeled a jock in HS. Nope. I was a skater/punk. haha

    You Were One of the Jocks
    When you were in high school, you liked to compete and win. You really found out what you were made of.
    You liked being part of a team, and you enjoyed working with others and doing your part.

    You may have been labeled or stereotyped, but the truth is that you were just doing your thing.
    Teachers may not have given you the respect you deserved. You were working harder than anyone knew!

  8. Kris-- You definitely mixed it up a bit. Thanks! :)


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