Friday, April 29, 2011

A Solar Weekly Link Round-Up

Don't ask me what I think about people who either (1) think it's perfectly all right to let their cats roam all over the neighborhood or (2) lost their homes and just turned their cats loose to fend for themselves. I have both domestic and feral feline problems in my backyard, and since I'm not a cat person to begin with, I'm not a happy camper. Our backyard is a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat, which means we provide all the essentials to keep wild critters happy. We do not provide water, food and shelter in order to keep our backyard well-stocked as a smorgasbord for all the blasted cats!

Enough! I feel my blood pressure spiking.

In this climate, one of the best draws is to have fresh, moving water available. The prime way to provide that fresh, moving water is by solar water fountains. Well... I had to order a new one because the .................. cats broke one. The new solar fountain should be delivered tomorrow, and I look forward to sitting close to it with my cool drink, my camera, my book... and my slingshot.

On to the links!

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff

A Bit of Bookish Architecture


Social Media

New to My Google Reader

As always, I hope that you found a link or two that piqued your interest. Stop by next weekend when I'll have a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure... and no rants about cats!


  1. Cathy - Don't get me started - just don't - about people who are not responsible about their pets. Grrrr!!!!!!!

    Thanks for these great links!

  2. The racy novel writer/schoolteacher has been covered heavily on our local TV since she lives and teaches in the area. Some of the mothers who are out to get her really get on my nerves. She writes under a pen name and most people in the town have known that she's a writer for years. I think this is a case of some women wanting their 15 min. of fame (or notoriety). Certainly hope it won't cost her her job.

    Comments I've heard indicate a common misconception that people write about what they do, as in "They're just jealous because she's having more fun than they are." If so, we wouldn't have many murder mysteries, would we?

  3. Ugh - I would not be happy about the cats either! Heck..I don't even like when some neighbors don't do anything when their dogs jump the fence and come into our yard..and that doesn't happen too often.

    Hmm..the pepsi social thing...I don't see friends using it too much but I could see parents doing it for kids who are off in college or vacationing or something.

    AS far as the teacher who write racy novels..I don't get what all the fuss is about. I don't have kids, but I can't see that it would bother me if I did. It doesn't effect her job, it shouldn't be an issue.

    And..I'm a bed reader too! It's just so comfortable and when I get tired, I can put the book down and take a nap. :)

  4. Margot-- I know. I know. I lost track of the number of paragraphs I erased from this post!!!

    Barbara-- I hope the women are satisfied with their few minutes of fame, and that the school board does NOT fire the teacher.

    Kris-- Are you sure we don't share more than reading DNA??? LOL


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