Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Tara of Fiction Folio!

I tend to find book blogs the way I tend to travel-- on the unpaved roads. Yes, there are directories filled with hundreds of book blogs, and I could go there to find them... but the one and only time I did that, so many of the listed blogs had been started and abandoned.

Nope. I prefer my own way. Sifting through tweets on Twitter, following comments left on this blog and the other blogs I read. Someone's probably going to tell me that my method of sussing out book blogs suits the book genre that I prefer to read. All I know is that my method led me to this week's guest, Tara of Fiction Folio.

At first glance, the predominance of flowers and the color pink tells you that this book blogger is definitely female, and the more one looks, the more one sees that this female book blogger loves to read and talk books, especially Young Adult books. Reviews, a meme or two, author interviews... even a pitch for Colin Firth and The King's Speech... this is a fun book blog.

If you've never visited Tara at Fiction Folio, I hope you take a moment to do so. Please don't forget to say hi while you're there!

Now let's see where the reading and blogging magic happens, shall we? (If you'd like to see a photo full size, just click on it.)

Tara's reading and blogging space

I blog mostly from this comfy couch in my living room. I'm usually propped up against the pillows with my laptop, a kitty or two nearby, and the TV on for background noise. I don't actually own a "real" desk, so most of my blogging is done in comfy areas around my apartment. The couch is also my favorite place to read, and I'm usually sitting there with my Snuggie (sorry, I'm not providing photographic evidence) and a book on the weekends.

Kingsley helping Tara read

When I'm feeling particularly sleepy or in need of a comfortable space, I head for my bed. While I'm not blogging in this picture, I am enjoying reading on my Nook with my cat, Kingsley, snuggled up beside me. He makes reading that much more enjoyable! Usually when I bring my laptop to bed he jumps up and sits on it as if to say "Pay attention to me!" and no blogging gets done.

I would have included pictures of my bookshelves, but I actually only have one that is embarrassingly unorganized and overflowing. My books are in stacks scattered around my apartment and are quite unsightly - so maybe after I move in a few months I'll be able to show off my books!

Kingsley looks like a perfect reading buddy, and the way the light shines on Tara's bedding makes it look quite opulent. Although I understand Tara's reluctance to show us photographic evidence of her Snuggie, her living room looks like a very comfortable, inviting place in which to blog and read.

Thanks so much for allowing us this glimpse into your creative spaces, Tara. We really appreciate it!

Stop by next Wednesday to meet another member of our world-wide book blogging community!


  1. Kingsley looks so cuddly and sweet, and it seems he's actually reading too! Great company.

  2. Kingsley looks so cuddly and sweet, and it seems he's actually reading too! Great company.

  3. Kingsley looks like a fabulous reading buddy! In the living room photo, it looks like his bed matches the sofa!

  4. Wait! Are you telling me that books piled up all over the place is unsightly?? Don't tell my husband. I've convinced him that it's part of the ambiance. LOL.

  5. leeswammes and bermudaonion - Kingsley is a wonderful reading buddy! And I truly thinks he does read along with me sometimes...who knows what goes on in that kitty brain of his :)

    Beth - Perhaps unsightly was the wrong word since anything to do with books is always wonderful...but I promise I won't tell Mr. BFR :)

  6. What a cute kitty! I have a desk and I never use it.

  7. What a great place to read and blog! I love that your kitty is such a snuggler when you are reading. We have three cats, and snugglers they aren't!

  8. Tara is one of my bookish BFF's & it's neat to see where she sits while we're having endless skype, twitter, & gchat convos - haha!

  9. Cari - thank you! One of these days I hope to buy a real desk and actually use it!

    Zibilee - thanks :) Kingsley is quite the snuggler, but my other cat Molly is definitely not.

    Ginger - I don't know what you're talking about, we barely ever talk...just kidding! One of these days you will come visit me and experience my blogging atmosphere firsthand!

  10. Cosy pictures!

    Tara, overflowing bookshelves is a sure sign of (mental) health ;D

  11. Mine is also a no-desk house and like you I also blog and read mostly in the couch with the laptop and the TV in the background. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Comfy couch - check.
    Wii (w/ Wii Fit) - check.
    Yankee candle - check.

    Tara, we are destined to be friends IRL.

  13. Dorte - I definitely agree!

    Alexandra - The couch is definitely one of my fave places in my apartment. Yay for no-desk households :)

    Capillya - That we are my friend...that we are.

  14. I had the same hesitation about showing my bookshelves - they are screaming for some organization!


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