Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook!

There are book bloggers in each and every corner of this big wide world of ours. Isn't it great? This week's featured book blogger left a comment on a fellow Filipino's blog, which was enough of a trail for me to follow.

Chachic's Book Nook has a clean simple design that lets the content shine through and her photos pop. Chachic is one busy blogger. She began the Filipino Book Bloggers site, and she hosts two features on her own book blog: We Love YA and Want Books. Chachic's primary focus is Young Adult and Fantasy, and although those may not be your favorite genres, it's hard to beat her enthusiasm for books. Please take a moment to stop by Chachic's Book Nook to take a look around. Don't forget to say hello!

As Chachic shows us her blogging spaces, remember that you can click on any of the photos to view them full size.

Blogging in bed

I mostly blog and read in bed. I don’t even have a desk in my room, which is probably the reason why I have such bad posture. I have a feeling that if a desk gets installed in there, it’ll just be lost under a pile of books. I do want to get a comfy couch or chair someday but I don’t know if there’s enough space in my room so I have to settle for the bed for now.

Reading in Malcapuya

I usually bring a book wherever I go and I try to sneak in reading time even during vacations. I love reading by the beach because it’s very relaxing. The picture above was taken in Malcapuya Beach in Palawan, where I went with some friends summer of last year.

Old bookshelf

I used to have a small bookshelf crammed full of books. I’ve acquired so many books since I started blogging last year and I don’t have enough space for all of them. Books are piled all over my room, wherever there’s free space available and also in boxes. I decided that it would be great if I had a bigger bookshelf because I’d love to see all of my books lined up properly. Also, there are times when I forget I have a copy of a certain book so it goes unread for some time until someone reminds me that I should pick it up. My new bookshelf was finished a couple of days ago – it still lacks a glass cover though.

New bookshelf

It’s definitely an improvement from the old one, right? I arranged my books by color and I ran out of space for some of the colors so not all of the books that I have are included in there, some are still in boxes. I know it’s hard to look for books when they’re arranged like that but it’s so nice to look at. I’ll probably arrange the books by author sometime in the future.

That’s it for me, thanks to Cathy for having me over for a guest post.

I don't think I could ever shelve my books by color, but it certainly makes a striking photograph. When I look at that last photo, the first word that comes to mind is WOW! (I also love the beautiful chair and the wood floor.)

I always make time for reading while I'm on vacation; I think most readers do. It might be a bit more difficult if I were to vacation someplace like Malcapuya Beach. When I googled it and Palawan, I certainly saw some gorgeous scenery!

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us your creative spaces, Chachic. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when another book blogger will show us where the magic happens!


  1. Wow, your colour arrangement is amazing, Chachic! I have a friend who arranges her books by colour, and it looks stunning. And what cosier place to blog than in bed?

  2. Wow, I love the new bookshelf, but I'm too anal to arrange my books that way. I'm heading over to check out her blog.

  3. Wow! Love how awesome the shelves look organized by color. I plan to organize mine by genre and then author (that might be super hard to keep up with which case I'll have to go by organizing just by author). I'm tempted to do color for the looks..but know it would annoy me when trying to find something. haha!

    I love to read on vacation too! I always bring a ton of books, much to my husbands joy. Heck..they aren't in his suitcase what is he complaining about? ok ok..if it's only a 4 day weekend trip..we only take one suitcase..but whatever. lol

  4. The book case is fantastic, but isn't it amazing it's already full? I had that too when I got my new shelves: not enough space! Well, at least it's a great improvement from what you had before.

  5. Blogging in bed is nice!

    And I really like your new shelves, but I´d always sort books according to the name of the writer myself. (When I sort them at all - my TBR is sorted loosely according to continent or which challenges I plan to use them for).

  6. Hey Cathy, thanks again for inviting me to do this post! I was wondering how you found out about my blog. I think I saw a picture of a bookshelf somewhere with the books arranged by color and thought that it would be nice to do that with my new bookshelf. I'm going to arrange them by author now because it's hard to find the books that I want to read when they're arranged by color. Palawan is really beautiful, I'm so glad I was able to go there last year. I have more pictures here and here if you want to take a look.

    Hilde, I'm used to blogging and reading in bed but I have a feeling that's bad for my bag. Maybe I should invest in a desk in the future?

    bermudaonion, LOL it's really hard to look for books when it's arranged this way so I have to fix it soon. I've only moved the books by authors with surnames starting with A and B.

    Kris, I usually bring only a book or two when I go on vacation because I know I wouldn't have a lot of idle time anyway. I rarely get to finish a book while on vacation because I'm busy doing other things.

    leeswammes, I wasn't expecting it to be full! I wanted to put all my books on there and was surprised when they couldn't fit. Maybe I should get rid of some of them?

    Dorte H, looks like you join a lot of challenges if you arrange your books according to them. I only joined one challenge this year.

  7. What a fun guest post! :) Our beaches are generally too cold or windy to make for a good reading location, so I that warm, sunny beach photo makes me totally jealous. And your color-sorted bookcase is beautiful! How do you not spend all day mesmerized by the pretty books? I would find it hard to look away from that rainbow of fun. :)

  8. What beautiful bookshelves! I color coordinate mine as well but since yours are bigger, yours are so much prettier so I am drooling over here!

  9. I am in love with your bookshelves! Also, I am amazed at how organized they are :) I can never manage that.
    I blog in bed too, even though I have a desk in my room! Bed is so much more comfortable!

  10. WOW! I'm in awe of you color shelfs. I tried to do that once but it did't work because half of them are my boyfriend's and he has his own methods.

  11. Violet, all the beaches here in the Philippines are warm and humid! It wasn't until I went to the States for a vacation that I got to experience a cold beach. Yep, my bookshelf is a beauty. I just stare at it sometimes. Although I really should arrange everything by author soon.

    Amused, wow, you color coordinate yours as well? Do you have a picture of that somewhere? I really wanted a big bookshelf so everything can fit in there but still not enough space.

    Misha, it's still organized now because it's new but give it a couple of months and it's bound to get messy. Have to agree with you, beds are really comfy.

    Alexandra, oh I don't share this shelf with anyone else because it's in my own room. So I can arrange it any way that I want.

  12. Kris-- Denis has books to pack, too. I put them all in my book bag, and I carry it. He can carry the bag with all the clothes and the huge cooler, etc. Come to think of it, he's got a Nook now, so my part of the luggage carrying is going to be much lighter come June!

  13. Wow! I LOVE your new bookshelf!! So gorgeous! Also, I always blog from bed as well - so much more comfortable :)


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